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Tips to plan efficient security for your data in the CLOUD

As an inevitable event, the IT world has entered into a new era of Big Data or what we call cloud computing. It’s one of the revolutionary advancement in the field of IT after mainframe computers and internet. The corporate businesses; small and large, everyone is looking forward to enjoy the bliss of cloud. On the other hand, same businesses, manufacturers and service providers will be eyeing to utilize the advance statistical function of cloud on huge amount of data to improve their relationship and communication with the consumers.

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Cloud security market to witness better backup and recovery trends in 2015

Cloud computing is set to be the next big revolution in the computing world after the Internet. The experts have already made predictions for 2015 and all of them agree with the trend. The cloud computing market will touch $20 billion by the end of 2016 with IaaS growth rate at 37 percent and that of PaaS at 41 percent. The SaaS isn’t far behind at 29 percent.

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What If Your Data Gets Lost From The Cloud

What if your data gets lost from the cloud!

You have so many options to store all that data you have – and recently cloud has become the best bet. You have stored all kinds of data including pictures, projects etc., on these cloud servers located somewhere, but have you ever thought, what is one of these services takes a knock off and your data gets deleted? What would you do?

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Cyber threats not limited to software, hardware also at risk: Experts

Soon after last year’s fatal cyber-attack on Sony, US President Barack Obama had addressed the issue before State of the Union and urged Congress to pass legislation to improve defenses against such threats, to prepare the nation to meet the evolving threat, combat identity theft, and protect our children’s information.

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Mobile working, Cloud and data security

Mobile Working, Cloud and Data Security, Top priority for IT pros this year: Survey

According to a recent survey conducted by BCS – Chartered Institute for IT, loss of data, cloud computing, mobile working, and data security are the top things that are going to give IT professionals and digital leaders sleepless nights in 2015.
BCS’ annual Digital Leaders survey reveals pretty clearly that security besides everything else is going to be the main concern for IT professionals. Recent hacks of Sony Pictures proves just why.

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Cyber Security

Watch out for 5 threats on Singapore’s Cyber Security in 2015

2014 was a year of major security breaches including hack attack on renowned Japanese giant Sony. However, upcoming year is not going to be any less action filled as more and more people are moving towards the world of Internet of Things.

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