The Real Definition of a ‘Smart Nation’ – Being “techy” but Creatively!

With the ever-increasing technological boom, the nations are striving to turn into a Smart Nation. But, with these efforts arises the question about what actually means by being Smart.

Have a look at what Mr. Scott Wightman, British High Commissioner to Singapore, said at the FESTIVAL OF TECHNOLOGY held in Singapore.

  • Smart Nation – in General

Turning world into a Smart Nation means building better lives for its people, creating new business opportunities, strengthening communities, and enabling an anticipatory government that makes use of the technology to serve its citizens’ needs in a better way.

“Whether you’re a citizen, group, community or government, or a tech professional, artist, student, everyone has a role to play in this vision.”

  • Smart Nation – Foundation

Nations across the globe should emphasize on tackling major issues that tends to arise from national trends and challenges, like ageing population and urban density by tapping on technology. For instance, nations should use technology to help the elderly to age in their place and live meaningful lives. Also, we desire to have more efficient transportation to enhance the commuting experience as the land gets scarcer.

“Smart is all about better living, more opportunities, and stronger communities.” It should be like “for the people” and “by the people.”

  • Smart Nation- Harnessing the technology

The journey to Smart Nation doesn’t welcome laggards in exploiting technology. The harnessing activities of infocomm media include three strategic thrusts. (i) Better capitalization on data, advanced communications and computational technologies, (ii) Nurturing an infocomm media ecosystem, which encourages risk-taking and constant experimentation, and most importantly (iii) Connecting the people.

“Smart Nations is about turning words and desires to productive ACTIONS in fewer time.”

  • Smart Nation – Being Playful!

Smart Nation is a nationwide and government effort. Although, it is no mean feat, but it doesn’t means that we keep ourselves impaired of fun along the expedition. In fact, Smart can be creative, and even playful! We can bring upon effective changes with our creativity and imagination.

“Smart Nation can be a result of technology blended in Creativity.”

Imagine a street post directing you to your destination! Sounds weird, but what if we mix such playful ideas with technology to serve the people? For instance, if such speaking or guiding street posts are ever invented, this will encourage people to interact with systems they take for granted and will look their surroundings dutifully.

Be an active participant of making your country a Smart Nation, regardless of who you are and what your do. Give your ideas and share them with all. It’s not only about being techy, be creative and change the world!