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Which Type of Business Should Choose Cloud Computing

Many cloud solutions blogs (including ours) and videos must have told you that cloud computing is made for all businesses. While cloud computing can empower your business with flexibility, ease of access, and collaboration, it might not be meant for all businesses that existed on this planet. For example, if you have an outdated system, you might not be the right candidate for cloud computing.

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best tech gifts

Top 10 best tech gifts and Gadget to Buy This Father’s Day

Every father’s dream gift is to be left alone. Nevertheless, you do need to shower your love on your father and make him feel appreciated, even though he will probably end up saying “I don’t need anything” a hundred times over. Whether you want to celebrate your dad, or you being a dad, here is a list of some best tech gifts that you could plan to give on this Father’s Day.

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Raccoon Malware

Raccoon Malware: The Latest Business Cybersecurity Threat

With more and more professionals and business persons working online from the confines of their home, cybercrime is taking advantage of the unprecedented changes which are arising out of the new working models. This is because those working from home on their personal devices generally do not pay much attention to cybersecurity practices.

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Ream Team Collaboration Tips

Improve Your Remote Team Collaboration with These 10 Tips

Remote working also comes with its own share of issues and cybersecurity issues. And the biggest one of them is the poor or inefficient collaboration among team members. Well, this can be justified as most of us are used to in-person meetings, simply reaching out to another desk to discuss an issue. But when it comes to going through the long chains of emails, messages, and phone calls while working remotely, things get complicated. The lack of collaboration can mar the success of your project.

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