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Get pro-active IT Maintenance Services for your company today!

IT Support Services in Singapore



Traditional re-active IT support is slow and unpredictable. Waiting around for computers and servers to break-down just doesn't make sense in today's fast paced business environment. Today's businesses demand high-quality, pro-active IT support to keep their IT infrastructure up and running.

Find out more about our Managed IT Support Package and how it can help you improve efficiencies and reduce downtime.

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    “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” - Bill Gates.

    For the businesses today, IT is not merely a support in their success path. In fact, it now forms an indispensable part and powers the business. Looking forward to a reliable and efficient option, SMEs rely greatly on IT support partners like Apixel IT Support.

    With the heart winning IT support and strategic services, we have been catering countless businesses with the highest standards of service. It had been almost a decade that we have been playing an integral part of several organisations across all sectors.

    Whatever your requirements are, we assure you to provide a wide range of IT support and service under one roof. Make an appointment today!

    Make a wise decision- Choose Apixel IT Support!

    Are you searching for a business partner having in-depth understanding of your business issues and IT concerns? Do you need reliable and efficient IT solutions in Singapore? Well, the answer is with Apixel IT Support. Feel free to call us @ (+65) 6639 1839 .

    Serving hundreds of businesses in Singapore, we have been successful in cutting down the costs, improve efficiency and ensure transparency at all levels. Here is what we can do for you:

    • Get you the right hardware, catering your budget and needs ideally.
    • An array of filters for centralized control over the entire IT system.
    • Complete documentation for IT asset management.
    • Transferring the existing IT infrastructure to cloud (for SMEs).
    • Faster troubleshooting.
    • Formation of a new IT setup.
    • 24/7, 365 days a year IT Support.
    • Configuration of auto-backups
    • Data security mechanisms
    • Procuring the most appropriate cloud solution with essential features and best configuration.

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    With our deep industry expertise in providing IT services, we can help you embrace the future of your business. It in honor for Apixel IT Support to be one of the most reputed IT services company, we strive hard to provide the much needed tech advantages boosting your overall productivity. Ask for a quote today!

    IT Solutions in a nutshell

    For years, we have been popular for serving the most flexible, expert technical support and the latest cutting-edge and enterprise level technology. Our skilled engineers are available round the clock, day or night, 365 days a year to help you with all your IT needs.

    Have a sneak peek at different solution offered by Apixel IT Support.

    • IT SETUP: From provision of a dedicated and skillful project manager to a well-managed IT office solution, an Apixel IT solution is ready to lay the foundation of your new setup. We are expert in IT management and documentation. In addition, we suggest you with the most cost-effective solutions to bring the best results in minimum investment.
    • Data Security and Theft Protection: Whether you need multiple computers or want to remotely retrieve and delete data on stolen laptops, we can do it for you. Preparing comprehensive block list, recording activities, enforcing corporate policies and much more is accessible with Apixel IT Solutions.
    • Cloud Solutions: You cannot keep away from cloud computing service. If you are looking for highly scalable, faster deployment, built-in redundancy and several other advanced features, we can help you.
    • Data Backup Systems: You can rely on digital storage now. Serving with highly secured off-site and on-site backups, we keep a flexible retention policy and schedule. For more information enquiry@apixel.com.sg
    • Small Business Server: Your search for a complete server solution ends with Apixel IT solutions. Ranging from secure remote access for mails and data, secured file sharing to automated backups, we have a full-proof solution. Click here for one-in-all synchronized e-mail access.
    • High Availability: Making the most efficient use of the state-of-the-art technologies including, auto-failover systems, automated and real-time backup systems and virtualization, we also proffer you cost effective deployment strategy and implementation plans.

    With such a wide range of effective IT support services, we possess a proven track record too. Apixel IT solution has delivered guaranteed excellence and promises to continue with 100% Customer Satisfaction!

    • IT Services FAQ's

      Apixel FAQ IT Services

      Q 1: What kind of IT services does Apixel provide in Singapore?

      A: Apixel serves as your complete IT department. This means you can count on us for anything from initial IT infrastructure planning to server setup and configuration, high availability system deployment, data security, backup configuration, theft prevention and cloud solution deployment.

      Q 2: Why should a small business opt for professional IT system setup?

      A: First, having professionals by your side means you'd be procuring the right hardware. Second, experts make sure that you've got the right manufacturers' warranties, all systems are configured correctly for optimal performance and routine IT system health checkups are scheduled well in advance.

      Q 3: Does it cost extra for expert advice?

      A: No. When you choose Apixel as your technology partner, you can seek assistance for advice on numerous business decisions that are directly or indirectly affected by tangible or intangible IT systems.

      Q 4: I may not need high end systems. What can Apixel do for my company in that case?

      A: You may not need high availability systems or cloud solutions today. Many small businesses don't.But, every business entity needs backups, theft prevention mechanisms and servers. This is where Apixel experts can help.

      Q 5: Shall I be charged for all services or those I opt for?

      A: You won't be charged for IT solutions you don't need. You can, however, seek professional advice on any subject you need assistance with. We're here to help.

      Q 6: I own a small business. Do I need a server?

      A: If you've some computer systems that your employees work on every day, having a small business server is a good idea. Besides fully synchronized email access, automated backups and shared calendar to hassle-free file sharing with advanced security controls and secure, remote access to all business data, a small business server provides a wide range of benefits. It helps you stay organized. With a functional small business server, you can save a great deal of time and at the same time, achieve a high ROI in the long run.

      Q 7: Do I need offline or remote backups?

      A: You can opt for both of these options. Our engineers can configure offline backups on a local server and also schedule automated backups for your organization. Thanks to the ongoing cloud revolution, it is now possible to get such services at a very competitive price. Rest assured, we will help you with all sorts of storage problems.

      Q 8: What if I am not an IT expert myself and can't therefore help you with troubleshooting?

      A: We do not expect you to be tech-savvy. That's what we are here to help you with. We do provide basic skill training to your in-house employees, if the need be, but in most cases, we'd be handling everything on our own through remote and on-site IT support.

      Q 9: Can Apixel help us scale?

      A: Yes, of course! As you grow, we help you upgrade your systems and also provide expert guidance on how to best use various IT systems and software to achieve higher productivity.

      Q 10: How can I schedule an appointment??

      A: Call us at (+65) 6639-1839 to schedule an appointment in Singapore. You can also speak to an expert on phone itself in case you're occupied for now and can't stop by for a non-obligatory discussion. We'd like you to know us before you choose us.


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      Apixel IT Support Apixel is founded in 2004 with one goal in mind - to deliver the highest quality IT support services to businesses in Singapore. Like all typical IT companies back then, we were offering support packages with charges based-on service-hours: businesses needing our service will buy blocks of service-hours which they'll consume as and when needed. As this model of IT outsourcing is widely understood and accepted, we adopted the model when we first started operations. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google+ YouTube