What all Happens When your IT Wing Go WRONG?

As a part of an interconnected system, how common it is for a virus to travel from business to business. This is just one issue that hinders the free-flow working of businesses.

What all Happens When your IT Wing Go WRONG?

Here is a list of the most common IT issues businesses need to know about to safeguard their infrastructure and data.

1. Spyware Infections:

Spyware is the most common issue in corporate sectors these days as it slips past firewalls via emails or web page links and is almost always left undetected by most anti-virus applications. Such malicious programs work unobserved in the background and transfers secure data back to their creator and typically aren’t noticed until unusual patterns in bandwidth and network performance are detected during monitoring.

2. Backups that are untested or non-existing:

Whether it’s on portable hard drives or cloud backup, most businesses take time to go through a variety of backup methods. In addition, very few of them actually test and verify that their backups are actually usable or successful. Businesses with such a scenario face data loss during emergencies like power failure.

3. Not having an inventory of IT assets

Businesses make a common mistake – not having the details if their assets. And if they do… it’s not properly managed. Remember, knowing what all devices you have, where they’re at, who has access to them, what operating system and applications they’re running is a must. You can’t control your IT without knowing what you’re dealing with.

4.   Lack of mobile security policy:

It’s a fact that corporate laptops and mobile devices, phones, and tablets, can fall into the wrong hands. Hence, it’s a great risk to the confidential and financial data of a company. Even if all the data is secured remotely, the web burglars (hackers) can reach them easily.

5. Loss of accidentally deleted files and their recovery:

Sometimes, while working or deleting trash, our important files to get deleted along accidentally. Most people think that once a file goes into the Recycle Bin, it’s gone forever. This isn’t the case, however.

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