EaseUP – Complete, secure data protection and disk management solution

Recently, EaseUs has made into news for its data, disk management and protection.

EaseUP Logoi
EaseUs offers back up for all your apps, data uploaded into Dropbox and similar service providers, and of course for data on your hard disk.


EaseUs Features:

  • Disk Partition Master

Partition is a basic and large part of disk management. Therefore, EaseUS Partition Master includes simple process that allows even casual users create partitions and take control of disk space management. It allows easy creation, resizing, and moving partitions within the main disk.

  • EaseUS Todo Backup

The best data protection plan isn’t to have recovery software, but preventing the loss at the first place. An external storage drive is considered a good plan. However, EaseUS Todo Backup app acts like a clone and disk image backup option. Individual files or complete disk can be copied for upgrades. The feature offers an advanced option for your data protection using hard disk and SSD technology.

  • EaseUS Data Recovery

Even an external storage disk is vulnerable for data loss. You can never say when a bad part of the disk corrupts your data that cannot be recovered ever. However, EaseUS Data Recovery has extended its vision to both desktop and mobile platforms to ensure that a user can recover deleted or formatted data or data which is otherwise not accessible due to disk corruption.

There are a number of contingencies that include loss of control and access over disks. For example, corrupt boot files is common cause for losing access to data. EaseUS Data Recovery ensures you can access your data anywhere even in case of critical issues. Also, it offers solution for users by delivering Android and iOS MobiSaver for portable devices. That means, it serves well for your desktop and portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Sadly, there is no free trails period of EaseUS. Various apps come with varied pricing and options. Also, EaseUp offers multi-user version with license for usage. System providers can get a license for re-offering the service to their clients.