A ‘pro-active’ approach towards Cyber Security

Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, who is on the verge of becoming the Minister-in-charge of Cyber Security in Singapore, believes, that it is more cost-effective to have security measures in place before they are hacked.
Cyber Security

Yaacob speaking at the opening of the Singtel-FireEye Advanced Security Operations Centre said Cyber Security Agency will look forward to work with private businesses to get the message across that when it comes to cyber threats, prevention is better than cure. He said, this is the approach which Cyber Security Agency will adapt when he takes charge.

Yaacob informed that for much business, cyber security is generally an afterthought. They often consider it the last measure to be implemented after a computing system is installed. The cyber security in most case is only strengthened after an online attack has created the damage, he added.

According to Yaacob, given the rising number of cyber-attacks worldwide, cyber security should be an important consideration when businesses are looking to design their systems and installing networks.

Since April 1, when the Yaacob Ibrahim took charge as Minister-in-charge of the Cyber Security Agency; the agency has begun working with businesses and IT system pioneers to promote ‘pro-active’ approach towards securing computer systems and networks before an online attack mars their performance and efficiency.

Cyber Security Agency has begun to reach out to organizations in order to share the message that having cyber security measures in place which early will benefit them in the long run. The measures will help them to secure against the financial and reputation risk which an online threat can pose.

According to Yaacob, this precaution is better than cure approach is certainly more cost-effective than having to implement such security measures after the networks and systems have already been installed or hacked for that matter.

Yaacob believes everyone has a role to play in cyber security; not only one agency can deal with all the threats on its own. He therefore has laid emphasis on the fact that the Cyber Security Agency will work in collaboration with the private sector to design a full proof and secure cyber system.