Hardware and firmware attacks to increase in 2016

May it be hardware or software, both are not secured from security threats and damage in the upcoming year 2016, says Intel and McAfee.

Hardware and firmware attacks to increase in 2016

Southeast Asia continues to develop rapidly, and this requires organizations in the region to match the intelligence exchange, cloud computing and delivery power, platform agility, and human resource assets that cyber criminals regularly leverage,said Craig Nielsen, managing director, Southeast Asia. To win battles against future threats, organizations should consider adopting the strategy of protect, detect and correct. This connected approach by Intel Security brings networks and endpoints together through an extensible framework, centralized management and visibility across all threat vectors”, he further adds.  

Potential targets for Attackers

  • Virtual machines are likely to be the first target of the malicious firmware root-kit as these are difficult to detect.
  • Unidentified networks and payment process can intensify the threat to ransom-ware.
  • The number of cyber criminals having no knowledge can raise ransom-ware as-a-service offerings. Plus, the wearable platform can be the also be the target of cyber criminals, as these record fewer personal information comparatively.
  • Cyber criminals can also target inexperienced and ignorant people who lack knowledge about the policies related to the security of cooperates made to protect cloud services.
  • Cyber criminals can also target the employees of the organization so that they can attack organization in order to get full control and access to cooperate networks.
  • It is likely that attacks on cyber integrity may also increase in the coming year, which could lead to the stealing of millions of dollar in financial sector.

Immunity against Possible Threats

Some studies have anticipated that industries will take effective measures to protect the possible attack surface, such as operating system kernels, Wi-Fi software, memory, local files, storage systems and networking. In addition, companies will employ well experienced and skilled employees to enhance their security systems.

Organizations will continue to enhance their security postures, implement the latest security technologies, and work to hire talented and experienced people.

Security researchers will concentrate more on potential exploit scenarios for linked automobile systems that lack foundational security capabilities or failing to meet best practice security policies.

Moreover, the report by the two big boys also indicates that IT security vendors and producers will work together proactively to develop guidance, standards, and technical solutions to protect attack surfaces such as vehicle access system engine control units (ECUs), and engine and transmission ECUs.

While the technology is on its increasing pace of evolution, so are the minds of intruders. Hence, it would be significant to use technology in a way that your business does not face harms.