Things that make improving data security so much difficult

Everything right from largest payment card information theft, requiring Target’s CEO and CIO to resign; to the infamous Sony Pictures hack that questioned security of the even the biggest organizations, has put one big question mark on data security.

Data Security

In wake of so much data insecurity, how is it possible for smaller, and even larger businesses to secure their data? Citing Sony Pictures hack, InfoWorld’s Roger Grimes, has reminded us that “the overall state of computer security at most companies are pathetic”.

One thing positive that these data breaches have made possible is that most organizations have realized the significance of security. Considering the lapses still, we are going to see some major security disasters in 2015.

Here are thus a few reasons why improving data security is so much difficult:

  • The big guns

The effort to beef up data security is an expensive affair and along with escalating the costs, it’s also adds extra burden to the normal working operations of a business. Though the requirements and orders for data security initiation comes from these chief executives, but there’s a down side, these high positioned executives often change their jobs leaving the data on its own for a long time to ensure its own security.

  • Security vendors

Now here are the fellows who love it when the organizations are stuck up in a data security fix. The security vendors are there to hype the latest threats and they ensure they are able to sell their (below average products) as defenders against the growing threats. There are occasions when threats hyped by security vendors are real, but the medication they deliver isn’t apt at dealing with the magnitude of these threats.

  • Admins must be well versed

It is a belief that admins don’t really understand their own security and are unaware of how sites get infected and what can be done to ensure security. There are many ways that hackers and spammers can breach the security, therefore the admins need to undergo structured training’s to understand and differentiate spam from non spam.

There are many additional things that organizations are doing incorrectly, owning to which all the investments they are making into securing their data are not bearing fruits. The organizations need to be more proactive, and must plan out their security process discretely.