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Windows 10 is “the most secure Windows ever”

Reason Why Windows 10 is one the most secure Windows ever.

In the past, Windows had a reputation of being insecure. With its large user base it is perhaps more attractive to hackers than other operating systems. However, this latest version of the OS is a huge break from the past and as outlined above, Windows 10 will use the size of its user base as a security advantage through the cloud. Hopefully, these features really will make it “the most secure Windows ever.”

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5 ways Windows 10’s new Edge browser beats Internet Explorer

Windows users may not know Edge now—in early development it was called Project Spartan—but they will soon, because it will be the default browser for Windows 10.

Edge, which won’t run in older versions of Windows, is a radical break from IE, despite sporting a similar logo. “We needed to do more than produce the next version of the browser. We needed a new way of doing things,” explained Charles Morris, Microsoft principal program manager lead on Edge, in a presentation at the Microsoft Build conference last week in San Francisco.

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Google Cloud Security Scanner

Cloud Security Scanner will scan common WEB APP flaws for you

With corporate, small and large businesses are shifting to cloud computing services, the security concerns are growing considering the bulk amount of data stored in clouds. Moreover, ‘Big Data’ is vulnerable to hacks as we had witnessed in last year’s huge blows to Sony and Home Depot.

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