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Wearable Devices

Advent of wearable technology and its impact on small business

When smartphones first showed up, no one fathomed the revolutionary effect it would have. Same has been the case with wearable technology. Wearable gadgets/devices are gaining popularity, as more and more manufacturers are creating their own share of wearables, but the technology is yet to make a real impact. That said, wearable technology has begun to show its effect on business houses – small business being the biggest benefits.

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USB Type-C

New USB Type-C comes with serious security threats

USB Type-C is about to make a noisy debut, and Apple has already announced that its new MacBook will feature a single Type-c plug for both data and power. That cuts more thickness out of MackBook design and expect it to be far slimmer than any other of its kind in the industry. Similarly, Google’s flagship Chromebook Pixel will also feature the same Type-C port.

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