New USB Type-C comes with serious security threats

However, industry experts are skeptic about the serious security issues that accompany new Type- C port. That’s because, Type-C is still using basic concept of USB standards. The attacks that piggyback on the direct memory access are one concern, while many other firmware attacks are lined up to verify the security loopholes.

USB Type-C


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These threats aren’t new, but what has turned into more vulnerable to security threats is the bundling of the power cord in a single universal plug.  This connector is a facility with a number of improvements as compared to older USB interfaces. It’s reversible and easy to use. It can deliver up to 100W of power including 10Gbps throughput.

Earlier, users had the option to tape over their ports if they sensed USB attack threat, but now the power plug has been turned into an attack vector.  The vulnerability is high if you are outdoors, and looking to share or borrow a charger to juice up your device.

It’ll be a walk in the park for a skilled hacker to infect a charger to carry the USB virus. If that charger is left in a café, and anyone used it afterwards, the results will be quite scary. Moreover, there are no quick fixes with the USB Type-C standards as USB is an open standard.

For now, the best safety measure will be avoiding sharing, exchanging, or borrowing a charge.