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Heng Swee Keat

Preparing Singaporean youth for the future with SkillsFuture

The future of education is based on skill development. Singapore administration understands this, a reason they are emphasing on skill development right from school upwards. Singapore is kicking off a nation-wide movement to provide Singaporeans an opportunity to develop their fullest potential throughout life.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud backup saves money and provides better data mobility

With latest data breaches, one of the major challenges faced by any organization is where to store data and how to get data off-site. In earlier days, data used to be saved on tapes and these tapes were then packed and shipped to off-sites. Then came cloud, but they also had problems, especially in terms of recovery. Due to this, a mix or hybrid approach is offered for data protection.

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5 ways Windows 10’s new Edge browser beats Internet Explorer

Windows users may not know Edge now—in early development it was called Project Spartan—but they will soon, because it will be the default browser for Windows 10.

Edge, which won’t run in older versions of Windows, is a radical break from IE, despite sporting a similar logo. “We needed to do more than produce the next version of the browser. We needed a new way of doing things,” explained Charles Morris, Microsoft principal program manager lead on Edge, in a presentation at the Microsoft Build conference last week in San Francisco.

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Dropbox safe to be used again fixed its security flaws.

Dropbox, the popular online file storing and sharing system, is founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. It’s a free service that keeps your file safes, synced and easy to share. Everything in Dropbox is automatically synced to all your devices. Recently, the company came into limelight for the new of hacking of 7 million total email / password combos.

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