Hybrid cloud backup saves money and provides better data mobility

Hybrid cloud backup solves the latency issues of cloud only backup and scaling issues of disk-based appliance strategy. The hybrid cloud backup solution consists of on-premise appliance that has enough competence to hold several full backups. So we can say that hybrid cloud backup is used to supplement internal storage with public cloud storage.

Hybrid Cloud
The business is usually hampered by cyber attack, human error, storm, hurricane etc, and it is helping organizations to easily deal with such attacks. The Hybrid cloud backup has changed the time consuming data backup on tapes into a reliable practice that can save data and restore business in minutes.

Below are the points how Hybrid Cloud backup can save your money, information and reputations.

1. Business continuity: It ensures that all the data, application and server images are safely stored off-site. In hybrid cloud back up, the business value is safely stored in three locations- on-premises, and two remote data centers. It provides both data security and insurance.

2. Easy Accessibility: It allows data, application and server images to be accesses from any failover locations. Business is not about storing the backup but also using or spinning the backups as quickly as possible. If device failure is there, the hybrid cloud backup can run instantly on–premises hardware.

3. Storage Flexibility: The hybrid cloud storage, leverages infinite storage space of the cloud, giving you the option to decide for how long you want to retain data. The files can be easily restored, whether on-site or off-site, without fearing the loss of data.

4. Cost Benefits: It does not demand any capital investment. The initial investment is pretty low as it does not ask for any hardware acquisition, possession and performance cost.

5. Standard/Confident Compliance: Some companies are subject to follow regulatory mandated like HIPAA and PCI. The hybrid cloud backup fulfills these regulations and their mandates, ensuring that important emails and records never go missing.

6. Data Insurance: The local hardware, in-house data is protected by preexisting firewalls, security protocol and inherent to the backup device. This provides great deal of security.

Hybrid cloud backup turns out to be an efficient, fully loaded yet affordable system, bringing best of both public cloud and private cloud backup models.