Style Up Your Workspace with Apple Monitor Mounts

How does your office interior looks? Is it boring? Renovating office space isn’t bounded to space extension, new paint, new furniture, but it also includes office accessories.  Adding to the list, a great accessory that can be installed at the workplace – to add style and for creating a healthy workspace is the Apple Monitor Mount.

Apple needs no introduction. Almost everyone wants or owns one or the other Apple products. The Apple monitor mounts are getting popularity today, all round the world. These are not only classy, but add elegance and space to your office.

Have a look at these ‘handsome’ Apple monitor mounts.

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Apple wall mounts

Benefits of Apple Monitor Mounts

We all are aware of the health hazards at the office space. Working continuously for hours, sitting at one place, eyes ploughed into the screen – leading to various health issues like body pain, weak eyesight, muscle inflammation, stress, and sometimes cardiac arrest. A great need has been felt at the workspace for the comfort of the employees that work continuously for hours, especially in IT sectors.

Apple wall mounts

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 Apple Monitor mounts are one solution to such health issues. Since the workers have to sit in front of the monitors for hours, it becomes important to position and set the monitors or laptops correctly. As a general rule, it is best to move the monitor as far away as possible and studies have found that monitor distance should be 60-90 cm.  Also, the monitor should be positioned directly in front of you with the top of the monitor just below eye level. It should also be tilted 15 degrees for proper accommodation of the eye.

Apple Monitor Mounts are specially manufactured for Apple monitors and laptops, keeping the brand value in mind.

  • Their arm design makes extension, retraction and height adjustments dynamic and easy.
  • These offer maximum adjustment by easy and swift movements, tilting, and rotation.
  • Aids in saving space at the workplace with the compact design.
  • Clean look with minimal hardware visible from underside of work surface.
  • Helps in neat and efficient cable management.
  • Offers Maximum ergonomic comfort to the users.
  • Available in various patterns, style, and colors.

A great product with a great brand value for a great purpose!

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Richard Bach is the E-Commerce Manager of Cotytech, a company which deals with designing and manufacturing of flat screen mounting solutions like TV wall mount, car mounts, etc. He frequently writes on various technology products, sharing his views on the products that brings forth a better life experience.