First Apple Watch App With “Google News & Weather”

Google has started to update its apps for the Apple Watch, and the first one to get the treatment is News & Weather. Yes, it seems we’ll have to wait a bit longer for favorites like Gmail (or Inbox), Search, Calendar, Hangouts, and Google+.

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But News & Weather is a decent fit for Apple’s smartwatch. The app presents just under a dozen headlines that you can move through horizontally. Plus, you can scroll down to see an accompanying photo for each story. But the app doesn’t include the full story itself, or even a summarized version of the article, as The New York Times’ Apple Watch app does. Nor does it support Handoff to allow you to continue reading the story on your iPhone.

“The News & Weather app is relatively new to iOS, as well. It was first made available to Android users before arriving on iOS last fall. It offers news summaries from 65,000Today, the app has been updated to support Apple Watch, which makes it the first of Google’s numerous mobile properties to do so. The Watch app, like many of its competitors, offers users the ability to swipe through top headlines from the watch’s small screen.”

If you long press on a headline — a Force Touch — you can save a story to your Safari reading list.

The most important app from Google we all are waiting for is the Google Search App to come to the Apple Watch. So far, that hasn’t happened.
Content Credits: techcrunch ,  theverge and marketingland