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Best Practices for SMB Network Security

Lacking high security systems, small & medical businesses have always been susceptible to outside network attacks. Thankfully, business owners now have a lot of affordable options to safeguard their Server Message Block (SMB) network, that too without having to spend too much money! A dedicated IT managed service company like ours can certainly do the needful but business owners too ought to know the basics!

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The Future of World Wide Web

The Internet is just a few decades old and it has already grown leaps and bounds. It has seen significant changes, from being a mere dependent source, Internet is now platform that serves as a basis for communication, learning, entertainment and business. The best part is that you can connect to this humungous network through a plethora of devices. So what’s next for Internet?

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Future of IT Industry: Focus will be on 3 Main Jobs

Since 1990s when the IT labor shortage made headlines and IT professionals took home handsome salaries being the only qualified individuals for the job, the IT services industry has come a long way from being a profession of the future. Today after a couple of decades the idea of the future is lost in time and the IT profession and job market is amid a change that will shift the emphasis on three main types of jobs.

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Top 5 IT Outsourcing Advantages In Singapore

Modern day business operations involve a wide range of IT-based tasks, which are detrimental to its smooth functioning. This requires not just investment in a good number of heads working on them, but also additional operational costs. If these jobs get outsourced to some other firm that specializes in IT based operations, not only does it save business precious money but time too. Singapore, as a prime outsourcing destination provides many advantages to companies who’d like to outsource their IT operations, and mentioned below are some these advantages.

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