The IT Megatrends 2015 – More Integration with Digitization

“Digitization of everything, from mobile solutions to privacy and security, will be a source for competitive differentiation by the organizations that get it right.”

Mega IT Trends 2015

Check out what else the year 2015 will be changing in the IT world.

1. Hyper Connected Clients

Numerous connected devices would allow the patrons to reach easily to any virtual information based on their requirement. Online shopping portals, mobile channels, and other e-marketing will be highly benefited this year.

2. Targeted and Personalized Promotions

The attack of connected devices, Big Data analytics, etc. will allow advertisers to provide targeted advertising vigorously into broadcast programming and retail environment, which will make the advertising client specific.

3. Mobile devices reach huge ubiquity

The Mobile tech will continue to open up a huge range of opportunities for businesses. Due to this, the location-aware services will have the greatest potential impact in the upcoming years. Also, the advertisement for sales-promotion and entertainment will also to mobile platform. Mobile technology will also drive new types of embedded machine-to-machine technology and sensor-based networks. Also, the workforce will become more flexible due to the improving mobility. However, the process will take time.

4. Digital Economy to be at the top

The digital economy will shake up the world economy.
For instance – Prime Minister Alexander Stubb of Finland consider Apple’s success for his country’s economic despairs.

5. Social Media and Association become the Norm

Social Media has evolved and that too, significantly, in the past few decades. The organizations today are highly dependent on the social media for their overall growth. As such, they will need to be more agile in connection their distant workforce and virtual teaming. Businesses will utilize collaborative tools to encourage innovation, and connect far-flung employees to work jointly over critical issues.

6. Move towards Zero Inactivity

The world is preparing itself for quick processing speeds and faster response times. As such, the next few years will see a move toward zero latency providing real-time practices.

With the passing of each year, the trends have and will continue to evolve or upgrade. The matter of fact is the extent to which the IT organizations understand and benefit from these to nurture themselves.