Windows 10 with Problems

No doubt everybody has dived into Windows 10 for smooth and amazing experience, but this is not happen actually.


Check out the common issues faced by everybody with troubleshooting ideas:

1. Default apps

While double clicking on a picture file opens up Windows’ own image application rather than something a lot more useful.

Fix this issue:  Launch the Settings app from the taskbar, click System and then choose Default apps. Alternatively, right-click on a file in File Explorer, choose Open with and then Choose another app. Tick the box marked Always use this app as you pick out a new program.

2. Buggy or broken software

There are still some applications that won’t like working with it (particularly older ones).

Fix this issue: Compatibility Mode is still present and correct in Windows 10,Just Right-click on an executable, choose Properties and open the Compatibility tab. From there, you’re able to get the program in question running as if it were using a different version of Windows. It’s not sure, that it will work properly.

3. Touchpad:

Another issue which is  first-hand experience of relate to trackpads, which isn’t altogether unexpected: The delicate calibration of this input device is always likely to get thrown off by a major OS update.

Fix this issue: Uninstalling and reinstalling the current touch pad drivers (via Device Manager in Control Panel) may also help get the device working again.

And if you are expereincing more issue, Share with us.