Easy Ways to Integrate Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage on your Chromebook

Make your Chromebook look more like your traditional PC storage! Integrate your cloud storage, Dropbox, OneDrive or your preferred non-googly cloud service with the Chromebook. Access all your cloud data directly from your Chrome OS File menu.


Check out the below mentioned steps you need to follow to put all your cloud-stored files with just one simple click.

  • Get Started

– Launch the ‘Files’ app on your Chromebook. Select the ‘Add new services’ option given on the side bar. You can install from among the list of available add-ons. All of them differ from each other depending on the cloud service provider or server connection type.

  • AddOns for All

– Besides the major ones like Dropbox and OneDrive, those who use secure connections on Chromebook can also benefit by SFTP or WebDAV connections.”

  • -You will also find similar extensions for additional cloud tools. Just you need to find the right choice if you use a less popular service.
  • Install 

– After selecting the right service, click ‘Install and Add’ to connect it to your Chromebook. Next, click ‘Mount’ from the pop up that appears. This gets you to the login screen where you will need to sign in with your Dropbox, OneDrive, or other requisite credentials.

On signing in, a new folder will appear in your file menu. Open the folder and see all the folders and files that are saved in that cloud account.

  • Your Chromebook turns to your PC

The set up you completed turns your Chromebook files as if they are stored on your PC. It removes a huge headache when it comes to Chromebook use. Now, you do not need to go again-and-again to the Dropbox website and download the Word Document from there whenever you need to access it.

  • Finding the file

– Whether it’s a document, spreadsheet, or image, any of your file can now be discovered right from the Files menu.

Here it is important to note that these files are not stored locally, but the add-ons you install make them accessible directly from the Dropbox or OneDrive server. The files aren’t all downloaded in their full size to your hard drive instantly.

Advancement in the tech world has made our life simpler and convenient both personally and professionally. If there’s a problem, you’ll get a solution too.

So, wherever you go, access your files easily from the Chromebook instantly on your Chrome OS menu.