Eagerly Waiting for Windows 10 Update??

There’s a lot to be excited about with Windows 10. The update adds numerous improvements to the operating system, such as the Cortana voice assistant, DirectX 12, Xbox One game streaming and of course, the return of the Start button. Not to mention a handful of bug fixes and security enhancements, too.
Eagerly Waiting for Windows 10 Update Apixel

Few reasons why you may not want to stop upgrading right away. Here’s why:

1. Incompatible hardware

For Gamers who plan to upgrade to Windows 10 Home have another potential problem — automatic updates. There is no way to disable the feature, meaning that once Microsoft pushes new drivers, bug fixes and security updates, you get them right away. This is great for the average user, but it could cause some headaches for gamers.

2. Bugs

Early adopters and developers have been testing Windows 10 for the past nine months, but similar to the release of a new update for your iPhone or Android device, it’s inevitable that some bugs will slide through the cracks. While it’s unlikely for anything major to be prevalent, small bugs could affect how some programs and features function.

Incompatible programs

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 promotion is available until 2016, so there’s no rush to update. Sometimes it’s even better to wait for the first patch to fix some of the initial bugs.

Credits: Cnet