Why Cyber Security Is a Big Concern for Small Business?

If you think your small business can’t be on the radar of IT criminals, you need to think again. A study shows that over 40 percent of cyber-attacks aimed at small business. Interestingly, the survey also reveals the target percentage was only 18% in 2011 which went more than double in next 4 years. The alarming part of this survey is that every 1 in 40 businesses is prone to cybercrime.

Why Cyber Security Is a Big Concern for Small Business?

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It simply means your business may be the next one to face that assault from hackers.

Why Hacker Attack Small Businesses?

Small businesses are soft target for the hackers because they don’t have strong and hi tech security systems like large enterprises, inviting hackers to “break into” their IT infrastructure.

According to CSOOnline.com, small businesses lack budget as they have less revenue while automation may be the second reason for that.

Well, here are another reasons showing that why SMB are on the target of hackers.

Hackers Know About Your Loopholes:

Small business sites have several vulnerabilities being exposed to the hackers easily. As you have already known that small business are not willing to spend big part of the budget on cyber security. Besides, they are easily to be hunt down by cyber criminals as they are indifferent to the risk awareness.

Information Leakage by Employee:

Sometime, inside threat as employee within organization is more disturbing and shocking than outer world’s hacker. With the availability of data carrying devices, it’s pretty easier to move the data from the systems.

According to a Report published in Washington Post, data theft is the common practice among departing employees as nearly 60% employees steal the data when they are switching the job. And employers are unknown to that until the breach has happened. Small and Medium size businesses need to be extra careful about that.

A Cyber Attacks Put Your Reputation On the Stake:

Why client will deal with you when you are not safe from cyber-attacks? Why customers buy from you if your transaction system is not safe? Prestige and productivity matter lot for small business for growth, and they are somehow affected by the cyber-attacks.

Surely, you want to ward off these dire consequences in your business. For that, follow these essential yet important things:

  • Keep cyber security as one of the budget priorities.
  • Keep your security products updated.
  • Keep Backup of your systems.
  • Monitoring tools for employee’s personal devices.
  • Make your employees smarter in cyber security.