Microsoft Will Make Windows 10 Compatible for HoloLens by Next Year

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are counted among the biggest life changing innovations. However, they have less exposure to the mainstream technology composing of computer users and smartphone users. But Microsoft is committed to fade the difference as it would make Windows 10 to support Hololens apps by next year. With the help of HoLoLens headset, a user can run 2D and 3D apps integrating with Windows 10 to create an AR environment around him.

Microsoft Will Make Windows 10 Compatible for HoloLens by Next Year

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Terry Myerson, MS Windows Chief has confirmed Microsoft partnership with the Intel to make all future Windows 10 PCS compatible for the mixed reality apps. In his words, “All Windows 10 PCs next year will include a holographic shell.” Holographic shell is already an OS for the HoloLens headsets.

Throwing a light on the features of Windows Holographic technology, Myerson said that PCs will sync with a head-mounted display to operate all Windows Holographic applications, making wearers to enjoy both 3D apps and 2D apps. These apps will be activated by Microsoft through a future Windows update and the Windows app store.

Like Microsoft, Intel is keen to work on the mixed reality as it is looking to introduce its VR based project Alloy. Intel’s CEO Brian Krazanich expressed the importance of Alloy in these words–“We believe the capability of Alloy and what it introduces is significant. It gives the opportunity to merge the physical and virtual world together.

Microsoft has entered into the field of mixed reality with HoloLens in March 2016 which is a mixed reality head mounted headgear and is considered to be first one to run the Windows Holographic platform under Windows 10 OS.

With the help of HoloLens, you can create a 2D and 3D environment around you with associated apps. According to the MS website, it enables “you to interact with high‑definition holograms in your world” as you do with the real physical objects.  HoloLens headsets by Microsoft are expected to take the gamers and movie watchers experience to the next level. Microsoft says that the vision for holographic computing is to transform the world with hologram.

The HoloLens apps integrated with the headset to “create and explore” in the AR and VR which are available in Windows Store.