RegistryLock is For the Protection of .SG Domain Names

To minimize the domain name hijacking risks, The Singapore Network Information or SGNIC has introduced RegistryLock service in Signapore.


RegistryLock is free and user friendly feature that creates an additional layer of security which remains active throughout the day, giving a round to clock protection from threats. However, the project has been started on the experimental basis for a six month, with an aim to make it permanent later on. RegistryLock is compatible for all .sg domain names including,,, and others ending with .sg.

The introduction of RegistryLock is much needed when .sg domain names are falling prey to the hackers. According to one US cyber security firm, over 80,000 accounts with .SG domain names have been hacked in May.

RegistryLock provides protection against the hackers attack to the website and email system. It does this by asking for the domain name’s administrative contact to unlock the domain name before the DNS name server information can be altered by the registrar.

To activate RegistryLock, you require administrative contact to log in via the VerifiedID@SG and RegistryLock portal using their SingPass ID or SGNICID. You can use the same process to disable RegistryLock for the domain names.

It means that a hacker won’t intrude in your system until the administrative contact unlocked the domain name. To check if a domain name is locked or not, perform a WHOIS search via on the domain name. If your domain name is locked, it will show a “RegistryLock” status. For a temporarily unlocked domain name, you can see a “Temporarily Unlocked” status against your domain name. In this way, this process increases the security level for .sg domain names.

According to SGNIC, RegistryLock is ideal for ecommerce businesses and those whose website is used for branding and online presence.

For more information, please check FAQS page given at SGNIC website.