How to Protect Your Data from Cybercrime?

Recently, Symantec Corporation, a leading antivirus brand, released its Internet security threat report presenting scary statistics. Major takeaways from this report are given below:

  • More than half a billion personal records are stolen or lost
  • ¾ of Total Websites are Vulnerable
  • Ransomware Increased by 35 Percent

Apart from Symantec’s survey, there are many more shocking studies released by Dell, Hackmageddon, and Cisco.

So, all these studies mean that a slight loophole in your data security invites cybercriminals to pounce on the opportunity to steal or damage your information. Therefore, you should be serious for your business security now. If you don’t, your business can be on the radar of the cybercriminals.

Here are essential things you must do to reinforce your business security

  • Take Care of Password:

Telegraph says that nearly 68 million accounts were hacked in 2016 because of the weak password. It is understandable to keep your password easy to remember, but too easy can put your data security at risk. Make sure to create at least 8 letters password composing number, letter and symbols.

  • Choose the Best Data Protection System for Your Business:

Yes, investing on efficient data security solutions is the need of time when hackers can outwit any ordinary antivirus. You can consult any reputed data security solution provider. Reserving some share of your budget is better than the inconvenience and hefty amount you pay to retrieve data after your data stolen.

  • A Security Audit is Must:

You can consult your data security provider to know which part of your data infrastructure is vulnerable or which data needs protection. Work with the provider to assess your entire IT infrastructure including desktops, mobile devises and network.

  • Educate Your Staff:

You must encourage your staff to use computing assets safely in office environment. Tell them to not access the threat mail, suspected content or using the devices containing viruses.