5 Easy Steps to Secure Your Data

Whether your business is small or big, it can’t afford data security breaches. From financial setbacks to the information theft, your business is standing on so many risks once your data is stolen. Yes, hack-proof IT infrastructure is the need of the time. But doing some simple things is also helpful to minimize the risks of being hacked. Here, we have given the easiest ways to consolidate your data security.

  • Use a Strong Password:

You make your password vulnerable to the hackers by using simple phrases like, 123#, ABCD or your date of birth. Therefore, create strong passwords by using letters, symbols, and numbers. Never share your password with anyone or write it down.

  • Lock and Shut Down Your PC When Not in Use:

There are many people out there who leave their PC’s on or unlocked while they are away. If you are one of them, you need to break this habit as this is an open invitation to the data theft. Any malicious-minded can steal your data by using USB devices or system network. So, it’s better if you lock your workstation. And it costs nothing!

  • Seek Data Loss Protection Solutions:

DLP or Data Loss Prevention solutions help your company to shield the sensitive data. DLS solutions let you know the data status and give you a preventing power to avoid data leaks.

  • Testing and Production Should be Done Separately:

If it’s hard for you to keep your production and testing entities separate physically, you need to create a management so that the activities can’t entangle with each other. All the processes should be done step wise in a way so that you can monitor the activities. Consider if you should hand over the sensitive data to your testers and developers, especially when they are new.

  • Perform Background Check on New Employees:

It is not necessary that your data would be on the radar of outside hackers. Sometime, this job is done by in-house resources. A recent survey considers employee theft as one of the major factors of data breaches. They may be ex-employees or those who are likely to switch after short span. So, you must screen new recruitment and asks his previous company for his background.

With these simple steps, you can reduce the risks of your data getting stolen.