Top 5 Tech Trends That Dominate 2019

From AI to blockchain, here are some top tech trends that can rule 2019.)

After our prediction for cloud computing in 2019 and upcoming digital infrastructure trend, here we have come up with some big tech trends that can dominate 2019.

Tech Trends That Dominate 2019Here we go…

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has been around since 1950s’. Over the past few years, it has emerged as a key technology and will continue to be so in 2019 and onwards.

(Here is a quick refresher: AI is the computer systems or tools that mimic human intelligence and do the tasks like speech or image recognition and decision making.)

According to experts, AI will eat up over 73 million jobs by 2030.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Virtual reality and augmented reality may go beyond gaming this year. Both can be a huge breakthrough for the industries like marketing, entertainment, education and entertainment. For example, the use of VR devices is already gaining momentum in the field of education.

Cyber Security:

Cyber security may seem odd on this list as it’s not a tech trend. However, given that many nations are investing in it heavily, it can be a major tech trends in upcoming years. For example, the new technologies are required to deal with sophisticated threats.

Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things will invade more devices. Many things like home appliances and car are now being equipped with IoT. It means that they can be connected to the Internet—or can have cross device compatibility.


Block chain ensures transformation to the industries as it enables decentralized trust; offers transparency and minimizes friction across business ecosystems. Apart from cryptocurrency, blockchain can be used to protect data related to personal medical information, art, real estate and global supply chain.

So these are the technologies that can rule 2019. Do you have more technologies on the mind? Don’t hesitate to share with us by commenting below.