4 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch for in 2019

2018 has been an exciting year for cloud computing. 2019 can be even bigger with some game-changing trends. Here is a list of such cloud computing trends to watch for in 2019.

Cloud Computing Trends A Big Boom in Cloud Services:

Over the years, cloud services achieved tremendous growth as more and more organizations adapted this technology. The growth can be even significant in 2019. According to one report, cloud computing can be a $ 236 billion industry by 2020.

Hybrid Cloud Services will be On the Rise:

Hybrid cloud offers the best of the both public and private cloud.

By moving their data to this cloud type, organizations can get leverage of sophisticated cloud technologies while using their on-premises infrastructure. It means that they can have easy transition to the cloud at their own pace while being agile and flexible as well.

Automation will be an Absolute Necessity:

Given the tech world’s rapid shift to the cloud, there will be a need to manage more and more applications and data over the cloud. This will prompt the organizations to turn their admins jobs into real time-consuming and repetitive tasks. They may look to manage their cloud architecture with the tools to automate their processes. Automation will help save money and hassles associated with the manual tasks like backup or sizing.

An Improved Approach towards Security Concerns:

The risks with the cloud computing can’t be sidelined. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the cyber risks associated with cloud computing can be mitigated. The companies would have to assure that their data processes are safe and risk-free as well.

So these are some key cloud computing trends to watch for in 2019. Do you have more trends to share? Please do this by commenting below.