Let’s have a look on the possible technology that can transform our lives by 2050.

Space travel, machines with human emotions, virtual computer screen everywhere and aliens may be on the earth—this may seem the backdrop of any sci-fi movie, but it can be possible in upcoming decades. Given the rapid pace of technology and its bigger impact on lives, one can just feel excited to think about the life in 2050.  For example, few decades back, smartphone, drones, apps, and automated cars were just barely an idea, but they are common things now. Likewise, we can have the things by 2050 we can just think about today.

Let’s see what life changing technologies we have by 2050: 

Transferring Human Brains into Computer:

Many scientists hope to transfer the content of human brains into computer, making people to live forever inside an artificial robotic body. It will be made possible by mapping the brain to encode its activity into computing codes. In simple words, it will like preserving the human brain in computer body. This combination of human intelligence and machine capabilities will make many things possible, like travelling near to the sun.

High Speed Transportation with Hyperloop:

Hyperloop technology would come handy when the roads are busy with heavy traffic and you need to be on your destination urgently. It is the tube in building phases which would “move people or things anywhere in the world quickly, safely, efficiently, on-demand and with minimal impact to the environment.”

The system will be based on the electric propulsion to reach passenger and cargos to the destination faster than airplane’s speed. It is safe and there would be no space for noise, delays, weather and pilot/driver error. Travelling in Hyperloop is like you are being teleported to your destination.

Space Trips:

In the upcoming decades, you will have “out of the world” experience with the trip to space or the mars. Well, the ambition to settle human beings on the mar has speed up the development of the suitable resources.

Though scientists, space agencies and entrepreneurs are in early stages, their advancements to pursue “mars dream” is full of possibilities.

3D Printing:

Last but not least! Large 3D printer will generate big houses, thereby reducing the time and the cost. This may sound ridiculous but with the latest 3D printers, which can generate 3-dimensional objects straight from the special printers, instead of getting a flat hard copy, we can think about that.

So, these are some of the biggest technological revolutions that can be the part of our lives by 2050!