4 Scientist That Can Change Research and Technology Face in Singapore

Singapore is one the way to become the hub of the biomedical sciences and research and big tech companies. Thanks to the nations’ legal framework, suitable environment and big markets. But amidst all these factors, we can’t write off the country’s talent from the field of science and technology.  Their innovative minds are forces behind the rise of tech and biomedical sectors in the country. Every year, new scientist from Singapore amazes the world.  We’ve complied such geniuses from who can change research and technology field in Singapore. Let’s have a look:

Kenneth Lee:


Kenneth Lee is working as the scientific director at the Low Energy Electronic Systems Interdisciplinary Research Group at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). Lee makes up this list because he is developing a system that combines electronic and photonic systems. Previous to this, Kenneth Lee has served in Future Systems and Technology Directorate of the Ministry of Defence, Singapore, Science and Engineering Research Council of Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

Lok Shee-Mei:
Lok Shee-Mei

Being designated as the associated professor at the Emerging Infectious Diseases Program at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, Lok Shee-Mei made the news with her paper on the structure of Zika virus and relating drugs for the treatment.


Andrew Nee:

Andrew Nee is on the third spot and is the first Asian outside Japan to be awarded by the US Society of Manufacturing Engineers Gold Medal. He is known for Computer Aided Design in precision engineering.



Olivia Lum:


She is the owner of Hyflux, a “global water desalination behemoth.” Her company is the winner of the Frost & Sullivan’s Asia Pacific Water Technology Company of the Year Award and Global Water Intelligence UK’s Desalination Plant of the Year.