3 Ways CRM and ECRM Systems Transforming Modern Marketing Scenario

To survive in today’s ultra-competitive business age, you can’t take chance with your customer relationships management. For that, you need to be perfect at every relating aspect, from lead management, customer service, sales activities tracking, and accounts. But it’s equally true that you can’t handle these processes manually or leaving them your staff doesn’t work either. In this scenario, you can rely on CRM: Customer Relationship Management System which promotes your relationship with existing customers, and find new one for you.


And ECRM: Electronic Customer Relationship Management is an advance form which just integrates your all CRM functions into the IT technology comprising of internet, intranet and extranet.

Both are available in single window software which make you organize and monitor the ongoing process in your enterprises. Read further to know how CRM and ECRM take modern marketing to new heights.

  • Improve Customer Relationships:

CRM as suggests from name is a strategy to enhance your relationship with the customers. You can handle your customer query and promotes your products to them in effective way. All your selling, servicing, and marketing can be handled in organized and systematic way with CRM or ECRM. You can bring improvement in your services after listening to customer reviews and feedback, thereby increasing the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Increase Sales:

When your customers are happy and you’re finding new customers, it simply means your business is growing and not to mention, a rising sale.

As you read in the previous point, CRM interacts with your customers and collect their ideas and feedback which is stored in database accessible to the involved team members. So, when you seek an opportunity, you can promote your products to the customers. For making that possible, CRM uses up-selling, purchase frequency, email marketing, and targeting new customers.

  • They Increase Efficiency:

Since all process is automated in CRM system, you don’t need to execute the things manually, which is hectic, making things chaotic and hectic. You easily integrate with other tools, teams and know your sales report in few clicks. Your team members can share sales material and other documents which make them aware of each other performance and reporting. In this way, CRM increases your team efficiency and make them focus on their work.

In this way, CRM and ECRM help you achieve sales goals while delivering your reporting, sharing, and communication features.