5 Coolest Affordable Gadgets You Must Buy Today

Every year, the market welcomes the new gadgets making our lives easier the way we live. Considering their innovative features, it’s obvious they are expensive, making you spend big to bring them home. But some gadgets among those come as exception as they are so cheaper that you won’t have to break you piggy bank for them.
5 Coolest Affordable Gadgets You Must Buy Today

Smart Lightbulb by LIFX White 800:

Turn your home into smarthome by bringing smart Lightbulb by LIFX White 800. It can be turn off and on with the few swipes over your smartphone. Whether it’s a dinner or a party, you can set various moods with this smart bulb. It can be used in interiors, garden and ceiling fan.

Audio Steamer by Neet:

It is the Wi-Fi audio and music receiver and supports multiple WiFi enabled devices.  In short, it works as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You don’t need any additional software or internet connection to stream files stored in your smartphone, HDD or online streaming services.

Quadcopter by Hubsan Q4 Nano:

Being known as the smallest quadcopter in the world, Q4 Nano comes with the dimension of 14.2×10.2×6.4 cm while the weight is 141 gm. Its other specs include 4 channel 2.4 ghz radio with LED lights for front and back. The quadocopter also includes USB charge cord and spare blades are also available. Charge it and enjoy a thrilling airborne for five minutes.

Bluetooth Speaker by JBL Go:

The premier sound brand, JBL is known for its line of high end speakers and accessories. But its Bluetooth speaker is something that fits into your pockets. The striking thing about this speaker is that it is so small you can wear it like a necklace. JBL GO is all in one speaker solution, as it can streams music via Bluetooth from tablets and smartphones. Its rechargeable battery provides a backup of up to 5 hours. Plus, the device is equipped with noise cancelling speakerphone, enabling you to receive the calls without turning off the speaker.

Smart Camera by Clever Dog:

With the help of Smart Camera, you can monitor your home and business on your smartphone by using Clever Dog app when you are not around. Besides, you can connect with your family and friends with the help of built in mic and speaker. The smart camera comes with motion detection and auto image capture to alarm you when it senses something “unpleasant.”

So, these are some of the cool gadgets you don’t have to spend much.