IT Service Desk vs.IT Help Desk — Understanding the Differences

Learn here the comparison between IT service desk and IT help desk to choose the right model for your business.

Do you think that IT Help Desk and IT Service Desk are the same things?

Well, you are not alone as many businesses often use these terms interchangeably.

But they are not the same. There is a significant difference between the two despite the fact that both aim to provide support for end users and resolve IT problems quickly. Understanding the key differences between these two models helps you determine the right model for your business.

IT Service Desk vs.IT Help DeskLet’s find out the differences between IT service Desk and IT help desk.

IT Help Desk:

IT Help Desk is a traditional model of support and resolving technical queries of the users. It is used to provide immediate respond to the issues and incidents faced by the end-users. For example—

  • It helps users with new program or app
  • It provides support to the faulty equipment
  • It helps with logging ticket or services

The service model is designed to provide support to the immediate query of the end users. Simply put, it is user driven, basic and reactionary model of IT support. Just a “break-fix” service on request!

IT Service Desk:

IT service desk is more detailed and strategic practice to align services with the business needs. Simply put, it is a more sophisticated, progressive and service oriented version of the help desk. It is suitable model of IT support for the complexity of networks, apps and devices.

IT Service Desk Includes…

  • Automated solutions to prevent the issues
  • Customer centric approach to give proactive value and services to the end users
  • Recommending equipment, new services and process to the businesses
  • Recording knowledge and FAQ for future incidents
  • Managing data access