How to Prevent Spyware

From changing the home page, adding components you don’t need or reducing your system settings, to stealing your bank card passwords and completely locking your computer, these are the risks your computers run if they are invaded by spyware Prevent .

The term “spyware” is often applied to programs whose purpose is to collect personal information. They can be presented as advertisements or software.

These types of applications can reach your system in various ways, for example, by being introduced – in a disguised way – during the installation of another program that has been requested. They are usually music or video.

Sometimes the legend “unwanted software” appears during the installation of a particular application,

How to Know That Your Computer is infected from Spyware


Computer experts advise paying attention to those pop-up windows on the screen, which appear even when the person is not using the Internet.

Another alarm signal occurs when the user opens their home page (of the browser) and it has changed direction. For example, your visit a familiar website on which you click a popped up image that takes you to an online game or some kind of shady website.

The browser bars also allow you to be aware of the presence of strange software on your PC. So when we find that there is a new menu that you never requested and it is difficult to get rid of it, it will be necessary for you to do a review.

If your computer is much slower than it was a week or two ago. This “radical change” in speed also indicates the presence of spyware. Also, the computer seems to crash quite frequently.


That famous phrase that says: “Prevention is better than cure” not only applies to the human body but also the health of your computer. Here are four simple steps to protect your information against spyware and more. Unwanted applications.

Download Only From Trusted Sources:

Make sure to download only from official sources.

Sometimes third-party programs may appear that have been modified to steal information or add dangerous add-ons. It is always advisable to install from official stores. You should also avoid browsing through unsafe or trust-inspiring pages. In addition, a lot of attention to social networks, another means by which they could promote threats of this type.

Adjust the security settings of your browser:

All browsers have a system that allows you to filter, in some way, the information that you are willing to accept from a website. In the case of Internet Explorer, users are recommended to set the security settings of the “Internet zone” to “Medium” or “Highest”. To do this, you must enter “Tools” and then “Internet Options”.

Update Your Software:

It is important to always have the latest versions installed. By this, we mean having system updates, as well as the applications that we have installed. Sometimes vulnerabilities emerge that are exploited by cybercriminals to commit crimes. We must always have the latest versions to correct possible bugs.

So these are some tips to protect your computer from spyware. It is all about using quality antivirus, staying away from malicious websites, updating your software and practising safe browsing.