Feature & Benefits of Data Security and Theft Protection

  • Monitor Multiple Computers

    See computer activities from multiple computers as it happens or look back through all of the recorded data from a single location without the need to physically access individual computers. You can easily monitor hundreds of computers with this setup.

  • 100% Invisible

    The monitoring software doesn't appear in the registry, process list, system tray, task manager, desktop, or in add/remove programs. There aren't any visible program files that can be seen, making it 100% invisible.

  • Enforce Corporate Security Policies

    Define and enforce company-wide security policies according to your needs. You can define policies for blocking any communication with confidential data, monitor and control the transfer of sensitive information to removable storage devices etc.

  • Website Filtering

    Block access to inappropriate websites with just a few clicks. You can define a custom list or use our comprehensive pre-defined block list. Block by website category or only allow access to the specific websites, we offer the flexibility to block what you need without being too restrictive.

  • Records All Computer Activities

    You have the option to take screenshots, capture every keystroke, record all Facebook/MySpace activities, read every email sent or received, see every instant message and every webpage visited – everything can be monitored and recorded.

  • Lock-Down & Geo-Locate Stolen Laptops

    Stolen laptop represents a major risk of loss of confidential company data. Now it is possible to remotely retrieve and delete data on stolen laptops to prevent leakage of confidential company data. The laptop can also be geo-located to assists law enforcement in the recovery of a lost or stolen laptop.

Services Included

  • Professional IT consultation
  • Solution customization to cather to different needs
  • Costs estimation and budget projections
  • Detailed deployment strategy and implementation plans
  • Setup and configuration of monitoring system
  • Testing and commissioning

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High Availability System

There're occasions when employees, customers, vendors and others fail to access various data resources or important business applications due to disruptions in the IT backbone of a company. Many of our customers have sought emergency assistance from our tech support crew at the most unexpected hours. Despite having provided the quickest possible response to a disruption at the network or application layer, businesses do suffer some down time as it takes 'some' time in troubleshooting, repair, restoration etc.

At APIXEL, we understand how these disruptions can lead to significant revenue losses even if the logjam continues for as little as a day because most businesses have digitized most of their day to day business functions. When downtime is simply unacceptable for your business, you have the option of utilizing advanced High Availability Systems. Our Experts help you choose the most suitable IT infrastructure based on set of availability problems that you might face. Analyzing these problems beforehand is absolutely necessary in order to choose a system that performs when you want it to.

Maximum Redundancy – 100% Uptime

Outages are common and there's absolutely no way to predict when they'll come around. The best way to combat such problems is to introduce a new level of 'build-in redundancy' in the overall Information Technology backbone of a company. Although our experts make use of the existing high-availability features (available in high end and expensive equipment's only), we make sure there're additional layers of redundancy. The foremost goal for APIXEL professionals specializing in High Availability Solutions is to ensure One Hundred Percent Uptime!

Fail-Over Mechanisms – No Manual Inputs Required

In the event of a most unexpected outage, the system must have a mechanism to backup all important data and information within a short timeframe. While ordinary Information Technology systems would require a technician or you to do that, a High Availability System comes pre-equipped with various mechanisms that ensure automated failovers (post outage) as well as failbacks (post recovery).

Backup Copies Created in Real Time

Gone are the days when accountants and others at a company, small or large, made only few changes a day in digital files. Today, hundreds of files are updated on a daily basis as most businesses processes have been virtualized. At APIXEL, we make sure that your High Availability System is taking real time backups. This way, it's possible to track multiple changes done on each document (or piece of information) and find out errors, the person who made specific changes, etc.

Data Security, Backup

One of the best ways to keep all business data safe from natural calamities, theft, cyber attacks and accidental human errors is to take off-site backups. It's a must have feature in a High Availability Solution and APIXEL has deployed solutions for most of our clients in Singapore.

High availability IT systems, are no longer expensive they were about a decade back. Even small and medium scale enterprises can now afford to deploy the best high availability technologies including virtualization, automated off-site backups, real time backups and auto failover/failback systems.

We've planned and implemented High Availability Solutions for a number of SMEs in Singapore. The implementation is done without disturbing the normal business processes. Before that, we assist an SME right from technology procurement and IT system planning to documentation. Creating a perfect virtualized environment for your organization is the foremost priority our server administrators, IT Asset Management experts, network engineers and purchase managers.

Call us at (+65) 6639 1839 or email us at enquiry@apixel.com.sg. to learn about the cost estimate, possible deployment strategy and migration of your current IT systems to a high availability system.

  • More

    APIXEL – Data Security Singapore

    Greater the extent of digitization, the more a company or organization is susceptible to risks of information and data theft. While most of the times companies do implement proper security systems against data theft from external sources, it is important to keep in mind that theft of sensitive data can take place internally as well.

    By deploying an advanced internal security system, we can help you safeguard all your data against un-authorized access. We give you the power to closely monitor internal activities of employees using the internet and servers to keep track of any unsolicited use of company information and data.

    From the setup of security systems, to their configuration, testing and regular monitoring, we help you all the way in establishing a strong IT security system. You can customize access of different information by selected employees only, keep tab on their computer activities, remotely, and more.

    Moreover, it's not just large scale businesses that need such security, but also small businesses, where the stakes of loss of information may at times be much higher. Our 100 % invisible monitoring system ensures that the software does not appear in the task bar, desktop, add/remove programs, system tray, process list, or in any other form which can be manipulated on individual systems.

    Other IT security services we offer include the following:

    Monitoring Multiple Computers from a Central Location

    Without having physical access to individual computers, you can now monitor computer activities on several computers as they happen or even track them later, by looking at the recorded data. There is hardly any problem with the number of computers that can be brought under scanner. From as few as 10 computers or less, to over hundreds of computers, they can be monitored effectively for their activities.

    Data recording is an essential feature of monitoring computer activities. Our customers have the option to take screen shots and capture keystrokes. They can also record all Facebook/My Space activities, read emails (both received and sent), monitor instant messages on chat, monitor browsing history on individual computers and more.

    Website Filtering and Selective Data Access

    For maintaining effective data security, we offer you to block the websites at the click of a button without being too restrictive. You can provide us a custom list of websites to be blocked, or choose from our comprehensive pre-defined website block list. You can choose to block websites according to category or restrict the access of websites to a limited few.

    Besides, monitoring internet browsing, what's even more important is to create and maintain a private space for all your confidential data in order to ensure maximum data security. This can be done by blocking communication to sensitive and confidential data. In addition to this, also get control over the transfer of sensitive data to removable storage devices.

    Device Lock Down and Geo Locate Laptops

    If other ways of stealing data fail, people may resort to stealing laptops, which actually translates into a major risk in losing your confidential information. We offer this unique service of being able to retrieve and delete data from laptops remotely to prevent information loss from laptops.

    This is not where it end, you can also geo-locate laptops and take help from local law enforcers to recover lost or stolen laptops.

    Data security is a must irrespective of how many workstations you've got at your premises or how many software applications you're currently using to support day to day business operations.

    • Data Security FAQ's

      Q 1: Are we all vulnerable to cybercrime mean?

      A: Today, there is hardly any industry or business that doesn't use the Internet to perform its operations. In fact, companies of all types and sizes need to utilize the web to market and sell their products, as well as approach new staff,customers, and markets. The Internet is also the best place for carrying out financial transactions. However, with all these benefits and opportunities come risks! It is almost every day that hackers and web-attackers target the IT infrastructures within countless organizations worldwide, trying to steal crucial data and information in order to affect their business.

      Q 2: What is directly at stake during a cyber-attack?

      A: While that depends on the intensity of the attack, each cyber invasion normally attempts to steal or affect the target company's money, IT-based services, IT equipment, and business data and information stored in servers. The greatest loss that a cyber-attack can cause is harm an organization's crucial information that exists in many forms, including financial details, customer database, client lists and product blueprints.

      Q 3: Who could target a business's valuable assets and harm them?

      A: Professional hackers or criminals always come first when it comes to posing a threat to an organization's valuable assets. They are often out on hunt, attempting to steal from businesses and disrupt their entire business process by compromising their valuable data and information. Business competitors hold a second position on the list here. They do it simply in order to get a competitive edge over others on the market. Last but not least, former employees with hateful intentions often try to compromise their previous organization's data and information.

      Q 4: In what form could the risks enter an organization?

      A: In most cases of cyber-attacks, the threat makes it to a company's work environment in the form of unauthorized access to laptops, phones, computer systems, or the server. They also enter as a remote attack on the organization's website and IT systems. Another common entrance is a business's third-party systems such as a company bank account or other hosted services.

      Q 5: How much impact could a successful cyber-attack have?

      A: The biggest and most common impact of a successful attack is huge financial loss due to stolen money, data and information, and other financial and bank-related details. If you operate as an independent online business, you might also get your trading badly disrupted. Other costs include having all the damaged systems up and running, penalties on lost personal data, and recovery of lost business because of affected customer-base.

      Q 6: How to prevent or reduce a business's susceptibility to cyber-attacks?

      A: The best way to prevent cyber-attacks is to take professional cyber security services or managed IT services from a reputed provider. These services are designed to protect all valuable assets within your organization, from the entire IT infrastructure and computer-based equipment to all stored business data and information. When you have experts protecting and managing the entire IT aspect of your business, negative things/factors such as unauthorized access, viruses and destruction can't affect you.

      Q 7: How to identify sensitive data and ensure controlled access to it?

      A: Within all types of organizations, assets such as financial records, business strategy, personal information of employees, and consumer credit card details fall under the category of sensitive data. So, it is important that you know where all this is stored within your organization. It is equally important to ensure that only some selected people have access to this kind of information. You can do it by keeping records of who accesses your crucial data, when and why. As an administrator, you can limit access as per requirements.

      Q 8: Is the Cloud a good data security option?

      A: Yes. In fact, the Cloud is the most reliable data security platform available right now. This is the reason why all giant organizations have already moved onto it. And while most small and medium-sized businesses are using the cloud computing technology, the rest are all set to make a move. Under a Cloud provider agreement, the Cloud allows you to store data and information offsite. The best thing is that this not only reduces the chances of cyber-attacks, but also allows you to access your data from anywhere on any device.

      Q 9: Is it possible to secure an entire network?

      A: Securing an entire IT network within an organization is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. All aware businesses today are using wireless networks to ensure optimal security, especially those operating from small offices. Once you have a wireless network in place with an unbreakable password, nothing can break in so easily to disrupt your business operations. For maximum safety, consider using WPA2 encryption.

      Q 10: Does it help to hire a dedicated IT professional?

      A: Hiring a professional provider of managed IT services is the best way to eliminate security issues, particularly if you own a small business. But before you actually choose a professional, make sure you know how much experience they have and what they are offering in terms of services. Once you've the right IT expert by your side, you can rest fully assured of data security. In order to prevent cyber-attacks, you can ask them to encrypt every valuable asset within your company. Data encryption can be applied to all the computer systems, frequently used applications, and the entire database.

    If data security and theft prevention is a priority for your company, call us at (+65) 6639 1839 for a no-obligation discussion or write to us at enquiry@apixel.com.sg.