How to Choose Right Server for Your Small Business?

This server buying guide helps you choose the right server for your small business computing needs.

Sever is an essential equipment which lets you store and share data, print, send email and share various databases across your business. Make sure your server can go well with your business IT operations. And this short server buying guide will help you in that.

Server for Your Small BusinessUnderstand Your Business Needs:

First of all, you should understand your business needs. Here are some considerations to make…

Do you need a server for file sharing or email? Does your business require you have remote connection? Will your business use the server to backup data? How much physical space and security do you have to provide for the server?

Choose the Right Type of Server for Your Business Needs:

Once you are clear about your business requirements, your next step will be buy the one addressing those needs. Choose a powerful server if you want to do multiple functions. A tower server is the most basic type for a small business. It can be set on a desk or table or deployed in a rack. A blade server is a right choice if your business is likely to grow rapidly in near future.

Memory and Storage:

Choose the one with more memory and storage than you expect you may need and scale it. Otherwise, it may lead to slow response and shuffling of files to make room for more. You can start with 4GB to 8GB of memory and a minimum of 500 GB of storage. HDDs are easily added to a server, or you can run them in standalone cabinets.

Cloud Computing Minimizes Your Needs of Server:

Cloud computing is the best alternative to onsite servers and storage requirements. If you are cloud based business, your requirements for a server will minimized. For example, if you are using cloud storage, you will need less HDDs to store the data.