5 Affordable Gadgets that will Turn Your Home into Smart Home

Want to turn your home into a smart home? Well, you don’t need to break your bank for that. All you need to install these simple yet efficient gadgets to discover the benefits of living in a smart home.

A few decades ago, smart home was only found in sci-fi movies or novels. Opening the door with remote control or monitoring the property on screen from distance used to seen as futuristic things then. Thanks to the rapid pace of technology that not only turned home automation into realty, but also made it affordable for people from every walks of life.

Affordable Gadgets that will Turn Your Home into Smart Home Living in smart home means that you can achieve greater comfort, security and convenience. You can control everything at your home, even if you are sitting at office or not around.

Just tap on your smartphone to turn off the lights and AC when you forgot to do so while leaving the home. Create the atmosphere for dinner party with smart lights or send digital keys via text to your kids for a locked home.

Good thing is that these smart home components fit in your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Install these smart gadgets given below to enhance the comfort and enjoyment at your home.

Smart Lighting:

Smart LightingSmart lighting not just brightens up your space, but also sets the mood according to the occasion. For example, they turn into “disco lights” for a dance party and switch to “mild mode” for dinner. And they turn on their own in evening or when you open the door of a dark room. As an added bonus, you can control these lights from anywhere via related smartphone app.

Smart Thermostat System:

Smart Thermostat SystemA smart thermostat adjusts the temperature of your home according to the climate and your lifestyle as it learns your schedule and preferences. It also enables you to adjust the temperature from anywhere with the help of your mobile device. Many smart thermostat systems come with geo fencing and scheduling features that save the energy while making your living space comfortable.

Smart CCTV and Alarms:

Smart CCTV and AlarmsSecurity is an important aspect of home automation. There are wide range of CCTV and alarms available which improve your home security. With the help of a smart security camera, you can monitor your home from anywhere using your smartphone. Some smart CCTV cameras send you alerts in case of motion or noise.

Smart Locks:

Smart LocksLocking yourself out is really a helpless situation. Sometime, you are not sure if you have locked the door when you reach the halfway. What will you do when your kids have to wait outside just because they don’t have keys?

Installing smart locks is the best way to deal with these common yet problematic issues. Smart lock automatically locks as the door closes. And you don’t need to carry a key as the lock is control with fingerprints. Besides, it enables you to share PIN with your family members.

Smart Doorbell:

Smart DoorbellSmart doorbell lets you see who is at door. You can even communicate with them from any corner of your home. Besides, the system captures snapshot each time the doorbell is used so that you know who knocked at your door in your absence.

With the help of these gadgets, you can easily turn your home into a smart home. It will make your life at home simple and convenient, ensuring you a total peace of mind.

Author Bio: The author of the article, Ng Wei Khang, is a blogger, author and entrepreneur, founder of Apixel IT Support. He loves to write about Technology and news and helps businesses and organizations deliver them to a broad audience.