Feature & Benefits of Small Business Server

  • Fully Synchronized Email Access

    As emails are kept on a centralized server, your emails will always be synchronized no matter where you access your emails from. You be able to see your entire mailbox including past and present messages, and access the replies you sent from home when you return to office the next day.

  • File Sharing with Security Control

    File sharing with full security control helps protect your data from unauthorized access. Access loggings can be implemented to track who and when data was accessed.

  • Shared Calendar

    Shared calendar makes it easy for team of users to keep track of common project deadlines, important meetings etc. Being highly configurable, it can be deployed in different scenario to meet different needs.

  • Secure Remote Access to Emails & Data

    With users getting more mobile, it is essential to provide remote access to emails and data when users are on-the-road. The small business server is built around mobile users and offers a full set of security features for remote access.

  • Cost Effective

    The small business server integrates several functionalities into one compact server, eliminating the need to acquire and maintain several servers, saving you time and money.

  • Automated Backups

    Your data is safe with automated backups with flexible retention periods. Off-site backups can also be setup if required.

Services Included

  • Server Setup & Configuration
  • Setup and configuration of file sharing system with security management and remote access
  • Setup and configuration of email system
  • Setup of email accounts & addresses, departmental emails addresses and ensure proper emails routing
  • Setup and configuration of email clients with new email profile
  • Planning and co-ordination to ensure smooth migration from exsisting email system to new email system
  • Testing and commissioning of email server and mail flows after migration
  • Desktop and Laptop, Tablet Setup & Configuration
  • Printers & Copiers Setup & Configuration
  • Setup of Office Network & Internet Access
  • Professional IT Consultation
  • Backup Strategy and Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Asset Management & Documentation

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    APIXEL – Small Business Server

    Since most businesses, whether big or small are now digitizing their processes, they need to streamline their operations and give their employees ready access to information from a central source. This central source, the business server is part of a company's IT infrastructure. It has become integral to the smooth operations of an organization, where employees can keep updating information and using it when required.

    For Small Business Enterprises (SMEs), we at APIXEL have specially designed small business server solutions that integrate emails, file/data sharing and security control. We offer you the most cost-effective server packages with a wide range of features.

    Fully Synchronized Email Access

    All your emails can now be kept on a centralized server, and no matter where you access these mails from, they will automatically get synchronized with the server for ready access. You can view your entire mailbox, including all the past and present mails. Even when you send emails from home or anywhere on the go, they will get synchronized with the server so that when you return the next time, they're right there for your reference.

    File Sharing and Security Control

    Our servers for small businesses allow file sharing with much needed security control features. This means that while you share files at a central source, they will be accessible to only a select group of users in your organization who have been provided with the access details. By doing this, all your data will be kept secured against unauthorized access. Besides access logins, one can also track details, such as when and who accessed the server. With server logs, it's possible too.

    Setting up Business Servers

    Not all businesses will need the same service package. We create a custom package for each business and help you from the first step of sever setup and configuration to testing and commissioning of the servers. Whether it is desktop and laptop configuration, or tablet and mobile set up, we will take up complete server installation till the last step.

    We set up email accounts and addresses, departmental emails, and configure client emails with the new mail profile, and ensure smooth migration of the existing email system into a new one.

    Besides, we will also undertake setup of office network and internet access, create a backup plan, setup and configure other equipment such as printers and copiers etc.

    Secure Remote Access to Emails

    With more and more employees needing access to mails on the go, it has become essential to provide them with secure remote accessibility to emails from anywhere and anyplace. Our new severs are built around mobile users and offer full security to features even for remote access to emails and other data.

    Shared Calendar and Automated Backup in A Small Business Server

    In addition to all the above, we also offer special features such as shared calendar and automated backup. The shared calendar lets people use the server and remain updated about common deadlines, meeting schedules and other important dates.

    As far as automated backup is concerned, we offer you both on-site and off-site backup. These automated backups come with the advantage of flexible retention periods.

    A business server for a small business can cost just few dollars a month and it can literally save a great deal of precious time and human effort. It's one of the first few things that any SME looking to streamline its operations for maximum productivity by utilizing IT systems can take.

    Apart from the above if you'd like to further discuss more on servers for your small business, call us at (+65) 6639 1839 or email us at enquiry@apixel.com.sg.