5 Things SMES should know about Managing IT Infrastructure

While big business units have proper IT backup and disaster management services in place, small and medium scale enterprises find it difficult to maintain extra funds for the same. Though SMEs have to deal with new technologies and IT infrastructure, they do not pay much heed in backing up things for safety, which makes them really vulnerable in disasters and other contingencies. While you can always rely on IT infrastructure service providers like us in Singapore, it’s still important to have some basic information on the subject.

There are many solutions which can be employed by SMEs to put their IT infrastructure in safe and secure environment, should they think of the impact to business of IT system goes down.

Listed below are five tips for SMEs to assist them manage their IT infrastructure, once they are willing to give a full consideration to what would happen if a disaster struck and the data and other vitals are not safe?

Plan Back Up Well In Advance

The IT tools and data which rest within them are really vulnerable to disaster. If you don’t have a pack in place, the IT disaster can be really impacting for your business. Thus, it is important to have backup of everything. On-site or offsite server backup solutions provided by AIPIXEL don’t cost much in terms of the benefits they provide.Cloud Solutions


IT equipment is vulnerable to power outage and shortage, it is thus important for SMEs to have correct size UPS for all the IT equipment, so that the equipment doesn’t shut down abruptly in case of power outage (which can amount to data loss). Besides, the UPS can also work as a backup in case of no power.

Consider the cooling needs

There are a few IT equipments which emit more heat than the others, it is important to recognize which current equipment needs what kind of cooling and then provide for the correct cooling for the equipment. Proper cooling is important because over heated IT equipments have a reduced efficiency and more consumption of power. This can even spoil expensive equipment. Even a support engineer cannot do much once the damage is done.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is an emerging IT delivery model; it can significantly cut on backup cost and other complexities by improving workload optimization and services. Cloud computing solutions provide you a platform to save all your data an access it from anywhere at any time. This can be a scalable and superior way to save all your data with internet- driven economics. APIXEL helps you choose the most appropriate cloud solutions. We also help you configure and maintain such solutions.IT Infrastructure Services

IT experts On Call

IT equipments are machines at the end of the day, so they are bound to wear and tear. It is important to keep a check on the IT infrastructure on a daily basis to minimize wear and tear in the long run. Well cared equipments last longer, thus having on-call experts to monitor the equipments can mean long lasting infrastructure. APIXEL provides quick response IT Support to SMEs in Singapore Contact us.