4 Major Tech Mistakes Small Businesses Make

IT solution providerAs the business attains growth with time, it encounters unforeseen troubles and roadblocks. In order to dilute their upshots, small businesses (particularly) resort to shortcuts and commit mistakes which lead them to dead ends.

Here is a look at technical mistakes which are usually committed by a small business.

Inadequate Technical Assistance

The worst an organization can do is to have insufficient technical support. As observed in most cases concerning small organizations, management of the company depends on a temporary solution, even for key issues such as technical support. Such organizations depend on their employees’ friend or his distant relative, who is good at providing technical solutions. This is what leads to frequent downtimes and lost man hours at workplace.

A regular technical expert is what a business requires in order to grow successfully in the long term. Only a qualified technical expert can provide appropriate services to company’s clients and even tackle every kind of glitches occurring in the network, on site.

Faulty Hardware/Software

In order to save costs on installation of certified hardware/software small organizations purchase sub-standard hardware/software systems. As they fail to standardize hardware/software solutions, some of these issues crop up with time:

  • Loss in work efficiency.
  • Amplification in employee frustration.
  • Increase in maintenance costs as frequent repairs are required.

Insufficient Employee Training

Mistakes Small BusinessesThorough employee training in software handling is something that every organization requires, if it aspires to excel in the long run. Provision of inadequate software training to the ranks in a company is one of the most common technical mistakes that impact small businesses.

How does it impact functioning of small business?

As per many independent surveys conducted worldwide, employees in a small organization are familiar with less than 20% of the features available in the software applications that they avail on their computer system. As a result, around 80% of the features that remains unused. Interestingly, a person who has a grasp over these ‘remaining’ features can easily save his precious time using them as they are designed for the very purpose.

Some of the problems that occur due to such inefficiencies are:

  • Slip ups in data entry.
  • Incorrect calculations.
  • Time wastage.
  • Increased costs.

How can this problem be resolved?

Most small businesses in Singapore don’t employ full time trainers that can teach all aspects of the software in use to company’s employees. In order to save on training costs, company flirts with the quality of its output.

Security Failures

It has been estimated that even large organizations in Singapore lose on approximately 2.2% of their annual income owing to security attacks on their network. An organization doesn’t need high profile security setup to counter the malicious attempts from the hackers; they just need to have a standard security setup that is immune to phishing attacks.

Some small organizations don’t even consider virus intrusion in their system network as a big threat. This is where small organizations need to set things right by having dedicated IT support teams look after all technical aspects.

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