Windows 10: One unifying platform, one unifying experience!

After the huge success of Windows 9, Microsoft has come up again with yet another successor, but this time with a big BANG! Microsoft now developed the Windows 10 operating system, which is being launched on 29th July. It is believed that Windows 10 is going to transform how one uses devices.
All About the Launch
Microsoft reported that the launch will be accompanied with celebratory mega events in almost 13 countries, including India. This launch is Nadella’s first major product launch after he took over as CEO in February 2014. The celebratory events will take place in New Delhi, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, Sao Paolo and New York.
The good news is that the technology giant has disclosed that this latest version will be available as a ‘free upgrade’ for the first time and features new innovations like Microsoft’s digital personal assistant Cortana and Xbox integration.
Why Window 10 is considered as a CELEBRITY?   
Unlike the previous versions of Windows OS, Windows 10 is being welcomed in a Grand Style. Have a look at the reasons why this is so:
  • Microsoft believes it to be a continuum that will transform the ways devices are used today. They say Windows 10 is going to usher in this new era of more personal computing.
  • Windows 10 is expected to run on everything – phones, tablets, surface hubs, and HoloLens. It is the Microsoft’s first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer.
  • Windows 10 will enable users to interact with it in the “most natural way.” They could speak to it, touch it and use it seamlessly in their personal and professional lives.
  • Most importantly, Windows 10 has been shaped with the help of Windows fans, with five million Windows Insiders providing valuable feedback. These Windows Insiders will be the first to receive Windows 10 and will join Windows 10 fan celebrations in the 13 cities around the world.
  • With Windows 10, you’ll always be kept up to date. Microsoft has also design security into the core of the platform of Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 will offer a platform that will be secure and connected across all of your devices and billions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, for the first time.
Windows 10 is believed to be a grand development for Microsoft. Let’s hope, it would be accepted and loved the same way by the users worldwide.