With support from technology, keep a check on your obesity

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that about 13 per cent of the world’s adult population was obese, a number that has doubled since 1980.

The problem of obesity has spurred new weight loss technologies and big business opportunities in the market. Channel NewsAsia’s The Big Idea takes a closer look at some of these offerings entering the market today.


    Google Diet Glasses
    Did you know that our desire to eat involves not just taste, but combines inputs from our other senses as well? “Professor Hiroshe from the University of Tokyo invented Diet Goggles”, an innovation that fools our sense of sight.

    A camera on the goggles feeds images of food into a computer. The images that get transmitted back to the goggles are enlarged by up to 50 per cent of its original size. The result: Better control of the food portion consumed.


      from tasteless to tasty

Another device by “Professor Hiroshe, called Taste Display”, confuses the user’s senses of sight and smell. Different scents get fired into the nostrils, confusing the taste buds and the brain into thinking the user is eating something flavourful, when the person is not.

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