What Are The Services Included In A Typical It Support Package?

We all know that IT is life and blood of all businesses in today’s digital era. Achieving your business goals is not easy without having any sound IT infrastructure in place, whether it’s your server, email system or networking.

However, it is equally true that not all businesses can afford to have a full-blown IT infrastructure. That’s why they need to outsource their IT requirements to the vendors known as IT support providers. They work like your outside IT department.

If you are new to IT support services, it is important to understand the key services they offer. This blog lists all those key IT support services required by your business.

Help Desk IT Services:

Every office has IT support equipment such as printers, scanners, and servers. There are plenty of IT products and services that are part of every office, from basic support to taking care of complex duties. Do these goods, on the other hand, always operate perfectly? No.

This is when your company enters the picture. Help desk IT services that assist with the installation, setup, maintenance, and repair of this machinery and equipment are available. Although it appears to be a simple service, it is in fact a time-consuming operation.

As a result, corporations and enterprises are always looking for resources to assist them in dealing with this task, and your company can seize the chance and shoulder this burden.

Servers that store files:

File servers are machines that can store all of your office’s data, including emails, Microsoft Word documents, and any other type of work you conduct. Offices have traditionally purchased file servers and kept them in their physical offices (typically stashed away in a corner or perhaps a closet with the internet equipment!).

Because of the high expense of traditional file servers, many businesses are switching to a cloud-based infrastructure. Apart from financial savings, the Cloud Office solution we offer our clients (and use ourselves) offers a number of advantages: it’s quick, secure, and lets you to connect in to your whole work PC from any device.


Email is crucial for many of us because it is the backbone of all business communication. Accounts must be kept safe, email data must be stored as needed, software must function properly, and email access must be added or restricted. Microsoft 365 is our preferred email service for clients.

Computer Repair:

Some managed IT support providers have expertise in computer repair, where you can order a technician to visit your office or visit the service office of your vendor.

Other vendors perform computer repair for their dedicated clients only.

Cloud Services:

Cloud services are rapidly gaining traction among enterprises and businesses.

They are not only cost-effective and cost-effective, but they also provide excellent performance and efficiency. Businesses and companies can get anything they need on the road thanks to cloud services. Furthermore, the security procedures and access control strategies used by cloud services are far superior to those used by physical storage facilities.

Cloud services can cover a wide range of services, from setting up remote, cloud-based storage spaces to server maintenance. Cloud services are in high demand on the market. As a result, it’s simple to believe that as soon as you start delivering cloud services to your customers.

Data Backup Services:

No matter how strong your data security protocol is, data loss and damage are always a possibility. Because data is such a vital asset for organizations, they take data backup services very seriously and invest in them. Companies and businesses can use these services to make copies of their data, which are subsequently stored elsewhere.

This way, if something goes wrong or the data is damaged in any way, the companies can always rely on the backup and recovery what they need. As a result, data backup services are one of the most in-demand IT services your firm can provide.


The security of a company’s network is a big concern for everyone. In this vein, assessing and responding to potential threats such as malware, programmers, and ransomware is a common service provided by several IT companies. Although this will be covered as part of a managed IT support contract, you may want to offer it as a stand-alone service.

Regardless of how strong your data security procedure is, there is always the risk of data loss and damage. Organizations pay attention to this perspective and invest resources in data backup services because data is such a valuable commodity. These services let businesses to create data duplicates that are then kept elsewhere.

In the event that something goes wrong or the data suffers in any way, the companies may generally rely on the backup to recover what is needed. As a result, data backup services are one of the most popular IT services that your company can provide.

IT Consulting Services:

The field of information technology is constantly changing. Every day, a new innovation enters the market. In any event, does this suggest that businesses must adapt their IT strategies and procedures to keep up with changing technological trends?

Entrepreneurs are always asking themselves a number of questions. Here is where IT consulting services come into play. IT consulting is necessary for small organisations.

IT service providers assess a business’s and company’s needs in order to determine which IT path is best for them based on their needs. They then assist in the deployment and maintenance of IT services. One of their responsibilities also includes training staff so that the company can progress while leveraging these IT resources.

The Bottom Line:

So these are some IT support services you can choose from. They are offered individually or in the packages. Make sure to assess your needs first to decide on the services you need to save money. At Apixel IT Support, we offer comprehensive IT support packages that include all services to support your IT infrastructure.  We assess your IT infrastructure first to guide on the important IT support services required by your business. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!