The New Creative Cloud Mobile Apps!

Recently, Adobe announced the release of ‘Creative Cloud’, which completely transforms the ‘creativity’ for desktops and devices. This is surely a major release of the year as it comprises of enormous feature updates for 13 essential CC desktop tools, integrated with new mobile apps. Now, this new connections expands the power of Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere Pro to the mobile devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Check here, what all has been introduced;

  1. First to name in the Photoshop family, the Photoshop Sketch now enables the creatives draw with all new built-in expressive brushes. It also allows an integrated workflow with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. The next is Lightroom Mobile app that helps in developing integrated desktop and mobile workflows. Now your clients, friends or family can easily select favorites and leave comments on the shared photos online.
  2. Second to enter this list if the Illustrator Draw that gives the users complete access to their favorite vector drawing tools. Next, the Illustrator Line which is a precision drawing app facilitates with all new features to perfectly distribute shapes as they draw. Also, now you have complete access to the original vector path and you can send sketches to Illustrator CC too.
  3. The brand new Adobe Premiere Clip app is one of the most eye-catching releases. Now you can easily transforms and share the video shot on iPhone or iPad into some sought of edited videos. Just send your amazing video compositions to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and enjoy the advanced editing and finishing.
  4. Adobe has also introduced a list of “Capture” apps for creating designs. Adobe Brush CC, Adobe Shape CC and Adobe Color CC are some of them. If you wish to craft unique brushes, on iPad or iPhone or to use in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC, Adobe Brush CC can help you. Similarly, for creating and capturing unique and fun shapes on iPhone or iPAd, Adobe Shape CC is perfect. And the Adobe Color CC makes it easy to capture colors and save them as themes for other Adobe applications like Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.