3 Astonishing Features of Windows 10…

After the failure of windows 8, number 9 was expected to release, but for some reason, Microsoft decided to skip ‘9’ completely and unveils Windows10. If the resources are to be believed than this new version is the company is an attempt to bounce back with a new platform which will be the equivalent of two steps above the previous installation.

Windows 10

Check out here the 3 amazing features to expect from windows 10;

Return of the Start Menu:

Something, for which Windows 8 detractors have been always pointing to, was the start menu. So, Microsoft has finally back with the Start Menu in this updated version. Thus, in the bottom left of your screen, there is a Start button and when you click over, you get two panels side by side. The left column will present the pinned and most-used apps. Along this, you get a power button at the top which brings forth options like Hibernate, Standby and Shutdown.

Multiple Desktops:

This feature helps you to manage your multitude of open windows and apps. Therefore, instead of opening multiple windows on top of each other on a desktop, another virtual desktop can be opened for other programs. Now, it is easy to set up one specifically for home (with shopping apps and much more) and create another desktop for work with Word, Excel and Internet Explorer open.

Metro apps on the Desktop:

Now you don’t need to force into the full-screen Metro interface. As the Windows 10 allows you to run the Metro apps on the Desktop in a window. This means that the mouse-and-keyboard users now can actually use Metro apps. And it might turn to a kick-start to the arrival of some better apps in the Windows Store too!