Reasons Why SMBs Should Consider Online Backup System

More than half of small and medium scale business entities have no disaster recovery plan. Can you imagine how some hard drive crashes or hardware/software issues can leave a business entity crippled in no time?

Unrecoverable data losses – just imagine the situation!

Having an in-house backup system is hardly an option for most businesses as online backup options are much cheaper and come with a wide range of additional features.

Online Backup System

Listed below are the top reasons why SMBs ought to consider online backups:

1. Contrary to what many SMB owners believe, it’s not expensive!

Yes, SMBs have smaller IT budgets and they want to get the most out of each dollar spent. But, compared to the kind of benefits an online backup system provides, its cost is much less. Economies of scale, centralized hardware and other such factors have made it possible for service providers to offer online backups at very affordable prices.

If you’re not creating terabytes of data each month, the cost of even some of the best of online backup services would be less than 100 dollars per month.

2. Data losses are very real.

And so is the loss of data integrity. You don’t have to be working in a hurricane prone zone to have a good reason for taking preemptive steps.

Technology failures can come around anytime and anywhere to haunt your business.

3. Keep at least one copy of your data at a different location.

On-premises data backups are helpful but you’ll agree that you should have all of your important data backed up at a different location too.

Natural/man-made calamities or technical/manual errors do come to pass sometimes and on such occasions, your best bet is an online backup.

4. You don’t need to be a techie to use an online backup system.


Most people familiar with computers, internet browsers and basic software programs can configure and monitor online backups.

Having a dedicated IT support company by your side is certainly a huge plus but if you don’t really need managed IT services right now, you should still opt for online backups.