Top Cloud Storage Tips

There are cloud services being offered by companies like Amazon Cloud Drive, Drop box, Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, and Sugar Sync, in the virtual world today. The consumer today has a wide range of choice when choosing online services for videos, photos, music or documents. So why settle for one, he should make use of all according to his requirements. Let’s have look at a list of tips for making the best of cloud storage.

Cloud Storage

Image Credits: staticworld

1. Understand the Usage

Before a cloud service is selected, the user needs to be very clear of his needs. The choice will depend on whether he is looking for a cloud service for high performance or just for saving data in archives. A good high performance cloud service is one that allows the applications to run while in the cloud too. And a service that suits archiving the most is one that understands the users need for getting the data back.

2. Check the Contract Twice

The contract is the most important thing when buying storage over the cloud. The vendor should have complete clarity of the client’s case and the reason for purchase. The contract elements that empower the user to hold the vendor responsible in case he falls short should be clearly understood. Questions like who will be held responsible if the data is lost and the financial penalties in the contract, should be clearly clarified.

3. Industry Standards

The cloud computing industry is still very new and no clear industry classifications have been laid down for cloud providers. In the absence of such standards the user might not be aware of the IT specifications of the provider.

4. The Best Way to Sync Folders to the Cloud

Users who are looking to sync their folders without first placing them inside a cloud folder have a great choice in services. Ubuntu One from Canonical, is available for Windows and Ubuntu Linux desktops, it has the ability to add any folder to your cloud storage without moving it. The recently released for Amazon Cloud Drive, does not create a new folder on the desktop, like Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Ubuntu One do. Users of Windows can just right click the target folder and click send to, to enable the folder to be synced with Amazon Cloud Drive. The only disadvantage of cloud drives is that the access is granted only through a Web Browser.

5. When Streaming Your Cloud Music Library

The proposition of streaming music from the cloud is not the same as syncing it with multiple PC’s. Some services like Dropbox do not offer the user any features for streaming music. Amazon has a dedicated music service for online users. It offers a Cloud Drive and a Cloud Player which allows all iOS and Android users to stream music.