How to Reduce the Risks to Your Customer’s Personal Data?

Does your business hold personal data of the customers? Here are the precautions you must follow to keep it safe from the risks and avoid legal complications.  

Personal data protection over Internet has always been one of the greatest concerns, especially for the companies holding customer’s data.

For example, a customer is not sure if you might take advantage of their personal info they submit while subscribing your mailing list or downloading an e-book.

This is why the Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA came into effect in 2012 in Singapore to deal with that concern. The act has made it mandatory for all businesses to take necessary steps to protect the personal data of the consumers they own.

Personal Data ProtectionTherefore, it is important for you to protect your consumer’s personal data to ensure them a peace of mind while avoiding legal penalties.

Here we have come up with the guidelines helping you govern the use, disclosure and care of personal data as a private organizations.

What to Consider for Security Arrangements?

Make sure your security arrangements are capable to prevent:

  • Unauthorized access or collection
  • Unauthorized Use
  • Disclosure
  • Copying
  • Modification
  • Disposal
  • Associated risks

To Prevent the Above Mentioned Risks, You SHOULD…

  • Plan security arrangements that are appropriate to the nature of the personal data own by your organization and the potential risk that may be caused by a security breach.
  • Assign the data security job to reliable and well trained personnel.
  • Impose policies and procedures to ensure data security.
  • Respond immediately to security breaches.
  • Practice mock hacking frequently to identify the loop holes in your data security.
  • Check if the size of your organization is fit to handle the type and amount of personal data it possess.

Give access to the reliable personals in your organization.