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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud backup saves money and provides better data mobility

With latest data breaches, one of the major challenges faced by any organization is where to store data and how to get data off-site. In earlier days, data used to be saved on tapes and these tapes were then packed and shipped to off-sites. Then came cloud, but they also had problems, especially in terms of recovery. Due to this, a mix or hybrid approach is offered for data protection.

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5 app-centric factors behind successful mobility and cloud projects | Apixel IT Support

5 app-centric factors behind successful mobility and cloud projects

Already, IT departments are grappling with demands from both customers and employees to deliver applications when, where, and how they are needed. This is the new normal in the era of greater mobility and wider cloud adoption.
“Whether expressed through new business models, a need to deliver applications to market faster or to support the impact of new application architectures on IT, applications must also be the focus of data center infrastructures,” says Lori MacVittie, subject matter expert on emerging technology at F5 Networks.

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Google Cloud Security Scanner

Cloud Security Scanner will scan common WEB APP flaws for you

With corporate, small and large businesses are shifting to cloud computing services, the security concerns are growing considering the bulk amount of data stored in clouds. Moreover, ‘Big Data’ is vulnerable to hacks as we had witnessed in last year’s huge blows to Sony and Home Depot.

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Explore the brighter scope for CLOUD SERVICE brokering in 2015

A couple of years ago, the concept of cloud computing was an abstract idea, waiting to get acceptance and understanding of how it works, but in 2015, it has outshines almost every other IT advancement. Now, the business leaders, large and small, see it clearly that the future of e-commerce and service delivery is inevitably dependent on the cloud computing models – Public, Hybrid, and Private.

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Tips to plan efficient security for your data in the CLOUD

As an inevitable event, the IT world has entered into a new era of Big Data or what we call cloud computing. It’s one of the revolutionary advancement in the field of IT after mainframe computers and internet. The corporate businesses; small and large, everyone is looking forward to enjoy the bliss of cloud. On the other hand, same businesses, manufacturers and service providers will be eyeing to utilize the advance statistical function of cloud on huge amount of data to improve their relationship and communication with the consumers.

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