Accessories that make an IT office better

In IT world, a professional spend around 8-12 hours a day in his office. This means that for almost half of the day you are holed up with your projects, desktops, clients, etc. Spending a major part of your time in the office, you need a working space which is clean, clutter free and creative in itself. Working in an untidy surrounding makes you dull and you start feeling uninspired in your office. Hence, it is important to make your office at most enjoyable and live-able. Find out some great ideas and gadgets that bring fun and creativity into an IT office:

1)   Natural Light Smart LED Desk Lamp:

Natural Light Smart LED Desk Lamp

This is one of the amazing accessories you can add to your office premises. This LED light provides you with natural light, which is very beneficial for your eyes. Now, it won’t stress you sitting in front of your system over a long period of time. Moreover, you will find some work in various modes. That means you can use it for reading, study, relaxation and lots more. You can easily adjust the brightness for each mode manually and opt for the best lighting environment.

2)   Mount your Desktops:

Add Some Writable Coaster Pads

On your working desk, which part occupies the maximum space? The obvious answer to this question is the desktop. What if it is removed? You will get a plenty of space to keep other important documents, files, drives, etc. But, how will the work go on without a system? The solution is mounting your desktop. Undoubtedly, a monitor desk mount will do wonders. It will safely carry your system and free the space for you. Besides, it looks very elegant if you go for a matching mounting solution.

3)   Add Some Writable Coaster Pads:
Add Some Writable Coaster Pads

Running behind a designing process or a development phase, you need to remember so many things. A certain code or some other thing that clicks to your mind, you need to note them. Looking for a notepad wastes your time and by the time you get something to note down, it’s almost out of your mind. All such problems can be minimized with a writable coaster pad. Adding this amazing accessory, you can keep your desktop stain-free and your notes close to you. Now you can see them easily and erase them at the end of the day.

4)   USB Foldable keyboard:

USB Foldable keyboard

If you feel that your keyboard is too small for you, switch to foldable keyboard. The keys and base material are made of silicon, thus it don’t make any noise. It has the full 104 keys and you can easily roll it up into a small pack. Moreover, you will get the keyboard which are completely waterproof and dustproof.

5)   Universal Charger:
Universal Charger

While you are working with so many wires around you, chargers add more to this clutter. You can go for universal chargers that offer a neat and tidy solution to this prevalent gadgetry problem. Using a universal charger you can rid of all those chargers that surround you all day.

So, if next time you feel unexcited at work, it’s time to spruce up your office. It never means that you need any major renovations; just a few creative accessories like the five above will work well.

Author Bio:

Richard Bach is the E-Commerce Manager of Cotytech, a company which deals with designing and manufacturing of flat screen mounting solutions like TV wall mount, car mounts, etc. She frequently writes on various technology products, sharing her views on the products that brings forth a better vision.